Season 3 Episode 9

The One with the Football

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Chandler runs into the wall it is clearly part of a set, shown by the way he almost knocks it over.

    • Goof: After the first touchdown, Monica immediately gives the score as 7-0. Scoring 7 points per TD is typical of sandlot games (it's 6 in the real game) because there's usually no kicking game and therefore neither field goals (3) nor converted touchdowns (1). How then is Ross's team "up by two" before the climactic play? The only possible way would be a safety: a tackle in a team's defended end zone which scores two points. These are so rare, however, that such a play should have been shown to make sense out of the score as it stood.

    • Goof: When Rachel is asking Ross if it was a strategy to not stop Joey, she is moving her hands. However when the camera angle changes, she suddenly has her hands on Ross's arms.

    • Goof: When they are talking about the Geller Cup, Monica is looking at Ross and then looks down. However when the camera angle changes, she is still looking at Ross and then looks down again.

    • Goof: They talk about Ross's nose being broken during "Geller Bowl VI," after Monica and Ross's father threw the trophy into the lake. The trophy shows 6 entries which is impossible since the 6th game was never officially finished.
      Note: There are only five entries on the cup. The top label says "GELLER BOWL", not the winner of the first game. The five game-winning entries that follow are, "ROSS", "MONICA", "ROSS", "MONICA", "ROSS".

    • Goof: Ross and Monica begin to argue over whether it's second or third down, with Ross saying it's third and Monica claiming it to be second. Now, after they argue, Ross's team gets the ball. Why would he want there to be an extra down against him? Maybe his competitive nature just automatically kicks in against his sister?
      Note: It's Monica who wants the extra down by claiming they've only had two. If the last down was their third, then the ball goes to Ross's team (apparently, Ross won the dispute, since they get the ball).

  • Quotes

    • Monica: (seeing Rachel placing miniature marshmallows randomly on top of the dessert) Hey, Rachel... you wanna put the marshmallows in concentric circles...
      Rachel: No, Mon, you want to put them in concentric circles. I want to do this... (Rachel shoves a miniature marshmallow up Monica's nose)

    • Joey: (to Chandler about playing football) C'mon man, you never wanna do anything since you and Janice broke up...
      Chandler: Thats not true. I wanted to wear my bathrobe and eat peanut clusters all day... I wanted to start drinking in the morning--don't say that I don't have goals!

    • Rachel: Do you wanna play football?
      Ross: Um, Monica and I aren't supposed to play football.
      Joey: (sneering) Says who? Your mom?
      Monica & Ross: ...Yeah.

    • Rachel: There was a Geller Cup?
      Ross: Yes, it was the trophy you got if you won the game. But our dad said nobody won that game, and he was sick of our fighting. So he took the trophy... (both Ross and Monica become choked up, remembering) ...and threw it in the lake.
      Chandler: Was the curse lifted?

    • Chandler: Well, wait a minute though... How're we gonna get there? ...because my mom won't let me cross the street...

    • Monica: Okay, looks like Ross and I are captains... Okay, so, um... I bunnied first, so that means I get to pick first... Joey!
      Joey: Thank-you.
      Rachel: Monica! I'm your best friend!
      Ross: Sweetie, don't worry... you'll get picked... Chandler!
      Rachel: Ross!!
      Monica: Phoebe.
      Ross: Sweetie... now I pick you...
      Rachel: You don't pick me! You're stuck with me!

    • Monica: Huddle up!
      Joey: Alright, huddle up... right over here...
      Phoebe: Wait for me! Wait for me! Wait for me! Oh, cool! This is my first huddle...
      Monica: Okay...
      Phoebe: Okay, so what do you guys really think of Chandler...?
      Monica: Okay... Phoebe? You know what you're doing, right?
      Phoebe: Yeah...
      Monica: Okay, Joey's gonna catch it, and you and I are gonna block...
      Phoebe: What's "block"?
      Monica: Phoebe... I thought you said you know what you're doing...
      Phoebe: I thought you meant in life.

    • Monica: Losers walk!
      Ross: Yeah? Losers talk!
      Chandler: No-no-no. Actually... losers rhyme.

    • Rachel: (elated) I almost caught that one!
      Chandler: Great... now it's seven to almost seven.

    • Joey: Wow! You're like from a whole other country!
      Margha: (explaining) I am Dutch.
      Joey: Hi, I'm Joey.
      Margha: I am Margha.
      Joey: I'm sorry, Dutch... I didn't catch that last part.

    • Joey: Prepare to feel very bad about yourself.
      Chandler: Hey, well... I've been prepared for that my entire life! ...or something about you that's mean.

    • Ross: (to Monica) Cheater, cheater, compulsive eater!
      (Everyone gasps)
      Phoebe: Oh, my God!

    • Monica: (in a sing-song voice) Forty-two to twenty-one, like the turkey, Ross is done!

    • Monica: You're so pathetic! Why can't you just accept it? ...we're winning because I'm better than you.
      (Ross scoffs)
      Monica: Oh, what a great argument... exhaling!

    • Rachel: (to Ross) I cannot believe you are trading me! You are gonna lose, and... you're gonna... lose, and... (to Monica and Phoebe) C'mon, help me out here, I've never done this before...
      Phoebe: That's good, "lose".
      Rachel: (pointing emphatically) Lose!!

    • Chandler: Hey Joey, where do Dutch people come from?
      Joey: Uh... well, the Pennsylvania Dutch come from Pennsylvania.
      Chandler: ...and the other Dutch come from somewhere near the Netherlands, right?
      Joey: Nice try! (to Margha) See, the Netherlands is this make-believe place where Peter Pan and Tinkerbell come from.

    • Chandler: (after Margha chooses Chandler over Joey) You hear that! That is her truth, Mr. I'll-let-you-have-her! I win, you suck, I rule all... (doing the "wave") in celebration of me!

    • Chandler: (about Margha) She picked me. Me! From now on I get the dates and you have to stay home on Saturday nights watching Ready... Set... Cook!

    • Monica: We are playing for women everywhere! Okay, just think about every lousy date that you ever had, okay? ...every guy who kept one eye on the TV while you were making out...
      Phoebe: Oh, my God! You dated someone with a glass eye, too?!

    • (Ross and Monica are struggling for the ball after realizing the game is still on)
      Chandler: Guys! Guys! Come on! It's Thanksgiving. It's not important who wins or loses. The important thing is... (to Joey) the Dutch girl picked me! Me! Not you! Holland loves Chandler! Thank you, Amsterdam! Good night!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • In the final football play where Rachel catches Monica's Hail Mary pass, the background music is the home run theme from the 1984 film The Natural starring Robert Redford.

    • Phoebe plays football wearing a That Girl T-shirt, including the caricature of Marlo Thomas that was the 1966-1971 ABC show's logo. Marlo Thomas plays Rachel's mother, Sandra Green, in three episodes of Friends. The series also does something similar with another guest star, Tom Selleck, by referencing Magnum P.I. earlier this season in "The One Where No One's Ready".

    • Chandler: Well why don't you have Captain Hook explain it to her?

      Captain Hook is the villain in Peter Pan.

    • Joey(to Margha) See, the Netherlands is this make-believe place where Peter Pan and Tinker Bell come from.
      Peter Pan is a book written by British novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie. It has been adapted into numerous plays and movies including Walt Disney's Peter Pan from 1953. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and the Lost Boys live in a make-believe land called "Neverland".
      The "Netherlands" is a country in northwestern Europe. It is frequently referred to as "Holland" in other countries, which may account for Joey's confusion. In reality, "Holland" is a western coastal region of the Netherlands. It's interesting to note that even some Dutch people refer to the entire country as "Holland".

    • Joey: Alright, we have to pick captains.
      Chandler: ...and then, Tennilles.
      The Captain & Tennille are a husband and wife US pop music duo who achieved success during the 1970s with a string of bright, catchy songs. One of their biggest hits was "Love Will Keep us Together", written by singer/songwriter Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield.

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