Season 3 Episode 8

The One with the Giant Poking Device

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 1996 on NBC

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  • One of the best episodes for Chandler and Janice, but it is Joey who shines.

    I have some fond memories of this episode. It was the first one I ever taped, and it sort of marked the beginning of my Friends fandom.

    Chandler and Janice have their only "real" break-up in this episode. Earlier in this season Chandler has actually been in love with Janice, only to find out she's cheated on him. Now there's irony; the only time he's committed to their relationship she's not. I was actually sort of sad to see Janice go; she is a great person and she does seem to care for Chandler. Cheating aside.

    Anyways, I loved Joey's role in it. He's definitely not a fan of Janice, but he doesn't gloat in what's happened and he's not happy that they'll be rid of her. He's sad because Chandler is hurting. And he shows his mature side which we get to see so little of in the later seasons. Joey was great in this episode, and Matt LeBlanc's performance was one of his best.

    Chandler's talks with Janice were also really good. Both when he called her on her affair and when he broke up with her. Classic Chandler.

    Meanwhile Phoebe believes that whenever she goes to the dentist somebody dies. It was quite the odd storyline, but it worked for Phoebe. It provided a lot of comedy and showed us how much Phoebe cares about the people around her.

    Ross has an emergency at work and leaves Monica in charge of Ben, though let's Rachel believe that she has the main responsibility. It ends up being Monica who screws up by accidentally bumping Ben's head against a beam in the apartment. As the case mostly is on sit-coms they come up with very strange ways to cover it up. Their plan doesn't work however as Ben keeps saying "Monica bang". I remember how fans of the show said "it sounds like he's saying Monica Bing" when this episode was new. Perhaps Ben has some of the psychic powers Phoebe believes in? ;)

    One more thing that made me like this episode was that they all had their different storylines, but towards the end five of them joined forces to poke Ugly Naked Guy with a stick (a sentence you don't write every day). I always love when they do things together as a group.
  • Chandler finds out.

    The to be continued of Janice kissing her ex-husband. Chandler finds out, I felt so bad for him. His reaction was so sad. Like he couldn't even believe it, I like how Chandler was the bigger man and let Janice go, well except for the end when he takes Janice's shoe. Well after this, Janice totally lost her chance with Chandler. Everyone poking Ugly Naked Guy to see if he is alive was hilarious. Turns out the curse of people dying when Phoebe goes to the dentist has been lifted. Monica & Rachel putting a bump op Ben;s head could actually happen. That is what I love about this show. It's so realistic.
  • It is really cool and funny. It is exactly why people would want to watch it, because it is funny, a bit silly and you don't really go through those things in life, so its really fun to watch it. Those a few reason why it's good.

    It is really cool and funny. It is exactly why people would want to watch it, because it is funny, a bit silly and you don't really go through those things in life, so its really fun to watch it. Those a few reason why it's good. I would reccommend it to be a little more funnier and a little bit more serious, but other than that it is like the best series of all times. I would suggest it to alot of people who has a sense of humour. So, once again it is the best seres of all times.
  • a good episode.

    this episode follows the previous one where joey sees janice kissing her ex. as chandler is about to buy an expensive birthday gift joey tells her to buy her a bariu enema. and then joey tells chandler the truth and he confronts janice and she says she still loves them both. meanwhile pheobe says every time she goes to the dentist someone she knows dies. but in the end she goes. then afterwards the think that ugly naked guy is dead. so the make a giant poking device to see but he is alive. in the end chandler loses janice it was his idea. some of my favourite quotes ever.
  • Friends Super Advice #3

    What i love in Friends that Friends is not just a comedy's got alot of very very great things about real life, and i dont talk about these Amirecan lifestyle, but it's like every one at the world ..

    In this case Chandler find out that his internet crush was for Janice "TOW Barry and Mindy's Wedding", he really fall in love with her for the previous 7 episodes. Although she's married.. having a child.. and ofcourse above all noone of his friends stand her.
    The small point here ... Chandler explane it in this well written episode when he told Janice "I think you should go back with Gary. I don’t wanna be the guy that breaks up a family, y'know when my parents split up, it was because of that guy. Whenever I would see him I was always think y'know ‘You’re the reason, you are the reason why their not together.’ and I hated that guy....."

    Giving the family another chance is 100% better than just fooling around.

    Anyway I just love friends...I love thier storylines,and what Underneath it.

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  • "Monica Bang!"

    This is such a great episode. First off I love it when you can see the actor trying so hard not to laugh to ruin the shot. At the end of the episode when Ross leads Monica to believe that she bumped Ben's head so hard that he forgot letters and walked funny I couldn't help but laugh, then you can see Rachel (more it's Jennifer trying not to ruin the moment) laughing in the background. That's just funny. Although poor Chandler loses Janice (darn) I like the part when he and Phoebe sing Endless Love. They mess up the last note like 7 times but it's a great way to end the show. Throughout the show, Phoebe believes she is going to kill someone because she has to go to the dentist and someone always dies when she goes to the dentist. When she gets back to Monica and Rachel's apartment she uses their phone to call everyone she knows. When she is calling Chandler, he doesn't answer cuz he is in the middle of a very deep conversation with Janice, so she runs across the hall which gave some comic relief to the tragedy that was occurring for Matthew Perry's character. I love this ep!!!!!!!