Season 5 Episode 15

The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 1999 on NBC

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  • Joey starts dating a little girl who packs a hard punch.

    Ross is sure angry! He comes yelling over and yelling at Chandler and Chandler is so funny! He says this was good and plans to jump at the window but of course Monica stops him. Ross got happy when he was like my best friend and my sister and then he got angry again when he was the last to find out but then happy. Ross can be a very confusing person sometimes. OMG! Chandler asks to Monica to marry him. I think that was perfect timing because Chandler doesn't ask Monica to marry him until the end of season 6 and then they get married at the end of season 7! That mean they dated 2 years and their wedding was 1 year after and common on they are like 30 and it took them that long!
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