Season 5 Episode 15

The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 1999 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Rachel (about Ross): And that crazy party animal will be your brother-in-law.
      Chandler: Okay, very, very funny. But don't say things like that in front of Monica, I don't want you putting any ideas in her head.
      Rachel: Um, Chandler, you do realize that those ideas are probably already in Monica's head.
      Chandler: Wh-Why?
      Rachel: Well, because she loves you... and because you love her.
      Chandler: Yeah, so--what's that supposed to mean?
      Rachel: Hey, Chandler, don't freak out! I'm telling you something you already know. C'mon, she broke up with Richard because he didn't want to have babies and she's a woman and she's almost thirty and, y'know... Monica.
      Chandler: I don't see it that way, okay? Because I see two Monicas. The one who's my friend and that lives across the hall and wants to have a lot of babies. And then the new Monica... who I just started to date. Okay, now, who's to say what she wants? I'm right. I'm right... Am I right?
      Rachel: Oh, absolutely.
      Chandler: Okay, and y'know, I'm completely different than Richard anyway, because he's an eye doctor and I don't wear glasses...
      Rachel: No, you're right. You are absolutely right! I mean, that makes everything different.
      Chandler: Okay... (rethinking it) It's not different at all, is it?
      Rachel: Not unless "different" means "the same..."

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