Season 8 Episode 6

The One with the Halloween Party

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2001 on NBC

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  • Very funny episode

    This episode is awesome for alot of reasons it has costumes, people finding out things, people handing out money and tons of hilarious moments. Since Pheobe told Ursula's fiance Eric that everything she told him about herself was a lie. He decides that Pheobe is the better sister. That is a really awesome part to me b/c it shows even more that Ursula only cares about herself. Chandler being the nice guy that he is was awesome during the arm wrestling contest letting Ross win. I wonder who would have won if Chandler didn't let Ross win. This episode is very special b/c it takes place on Halloween, and is all around awesome. The things that happen in this episode are funny and also very informative with the costumes.
  • Another classic, more likely to be mentioned Friends Episode.

    It's halloween - and Monica and Chandler are hosting a Costume Party.

    Rachel: A very beutiful dress because in a few weeks she won't be able to fit into it.

    Monica: Ah I'm Catwoman, who would like to borrow the dress when you're too big for it.

    Phoebe: Ah Catwoman, so we meet again! "So we do, Supergirl" It's me Phoebe!

    Joey: I'm Chandler!

    Chandler: Monica, why does my costume look - no wait why is my costume a giant pink rabbit?

    Ross: I'm a spud, and the antenna... I'm Sputnik!

    You'll never forget it.
  • This is a great episode!Chandler was acting really great ...And of course sean pen was excellent!

    This is a great episode!Chandler was acting really great ...And of course sean pen was excellent!This is a great episode!Chandler was acting really great ...And of course sean pen was excellent!
    This is a great episode!Chandler was acting really great ...And of course sean pen was excellent!
    This is a great episode!Chandler was acting really great ...And of course sean pen was excellent!
    This is a great episode!Chandler was acting really great ...And of course sean pen was excellent!
    This is a great episode!Chandler was acting really great ...And of course sean pen was excellent!
    This is a great episode!Chandler was acting really great ...And of course sean pen was excellent!
    This is a great episode!Chandler was acting really great ...And of course sean pen was excellent!
  • Very funny episode. I thought it was jus to funny to describe...

    It is just to funny to describe! I love friends and I still watch the reruns!(I have alot of free time) Its funny Emily osment(i love her) is in this one! Its funny ...she plays a girl named Lelani and my name is Leilani!lolz well u know its really hard to type 100 words when this is all u have to say so now i am just going to type letters ok?

    q w e r t y u i o p l k j h g f d s a z x c v b n m ,

    and thats ends it!
  • The gang has a Halloween party, and has some funny times during it!

    I loved this episode! It was fantastic and funny and I loved how everyone had a costume on. I especially thought Ross and Chandler's costumes were funny. When Joey said "Alright Ross came as doody!" I laughed so hard!
    When Chandler came out in his pink bunny costume, I almost died.
    Chandler: Monica, I appreciate you getting me the costume.
    Rachel: Oh, you did this to him?
    Monica: I thought you'de love it? Your favorite book as a kid was the velveteen rabbit
    Chandler: The velveteen rabbit was brown and white!
    Monica: Well, it was either a pink bunny, or no bunny at all
    Chandler: No bunny at all! Always no bunny at all!

    Chandler: Howdy doody?
    Ross: That's funny, so funny coming from the guy in a pink bunny costume his wife made him wear

    I laughed so hard!
  • Monica and Chandler throw a Halloween Party with hilarious results! One of my favorite scenes is the one where Joey tells Chandler that he has come to the party as Chandler and then makes this blaaaaagh sound and Chandler gets offended. Classic!

    I absolutely love Friends and I honestly wish this program was still in production today. But thankfully we have the reruns.

    The one with the Halloween party is one of my favorites. I was very excited to see a Halloween episode for a change. This is a must see rerun.

    Everyone in the cast had great dialogue. There was never a dull moment, but then in my opinion there never were any dull moments in any of the Friends episodes.

    Watch this very funny episode once and you'll be hooked! This is Sitcom Frankie wishing you a Happy Halloween.
  • Good episode!

    The gang has a hallowwen party, so Phoebea invites ursalas fiance eric. Rachel starts to hand out candy but realises she's not good at when she gives all the candy away to a girl who said she loved her. She then gives out money. Ross dresses up as Sputnick, but no one knew what he was. Chandler dresses up as a pink bunny. Phoebea and monica fight over who can beat each other up. Chandler and Ross arm wrestle, but no one can win, so Chandler lets Ross win. Rachel makes a kid cry after not giving him money because they restocked on Candy.
  • awesome heres the script

    win. No, Chandler’s really strong. Oh my arm is so sore. Oh nurse! (Waddles over to Mona.)

    Chandler: I am strong! I’ll show you! (He sits down at the table.)

    Monica: Chandler please!

    Chandler: Oh what’s the matter? Are you scared?

    Monica: Let’s go big bunny!

    (They assume the starting position.)

    Chandler: Okay. 1…2…3—Go! (Once again he’s at a stalemate, but this time he’s in pain.) (Pause) I’m gonna kill myself!
  • I always LOVE LOVE LOVE when our favorite Friends dress up.

    For each episode, there's always a moment that I look forward too. This is a rather simple moment compared to the rest of the hilarity of the episode: Phoebe says "So I see we meet again, Catwoman." And then Monica replies "Hello Supergirl." And then Phoebe says, "It's me Phoebe." I don't know why...but I alays love that part because it's so Phoebe. Chandler as a big pink rabbit. Ross as Spudnic/Doody. Rachel as a pregnant woman who soon wouldn't fit in that dress. And Joey as Chandler. Toooo funny.

    I also love Rachel giving out candies and soon checks. And Ross and Chandler arm wrestling. And Mona came as a nurse, but Chandler mistakens it as a slutty nurse. And Gunther as Charlie Brown, mistaken by Rachel as gay And I also didn't mind Sean Penn as a solar system and his storyline with Phoebe.

    A whole lot of funny stuff. One of the purest enjoyable episode.
  • Halloween on Friends!

    Good episode! Its halloween and Monica has a halloween party where she dresses up as catwoman, Chandler a pink bunny, Phoebe supergirl, Ross some potatoe dude and Rachel and Joey didn't dress up. Phoebe's costume was the best! Chandler was funny because he has to wear that costume. Ross trys to impress Mono and makes Chandler let him win in a arm westle. I can't believe Joey said that when Mono came he was like I was right you did come as a sluty nurse and Mono was like no just a nurse!
  • the friends celebrate halloween...

    Monica and Chandler decide to throw a costume halloween party at the last minute and the friends come as some intresting characters.

    Ross is spud-nik (a giant potato!), Chandler is a giant pink bunny, Joey is Chandler, Phoebe is Super girl, Monica is Cat woman and Rachel is 'a women who spent a lot of money on a dress and is wearing it because soon she wont be able to fit into it'.

    Meanwhile, Phoebe bumps into her twin sister (Ursala), and makes a shocking discovery when she finds that Ursala is getting married next week, so she invites her and her fiance to the party so that she can meet him.
  • Thumbs up

    Thumbs up to those writers I would say if I met them. Great episode, only watched it about hmmm.... COUNTLESS TIMES. How the writers came up with stuff like that is really really really beond me or anyone. Love the whole "Ross came as doody thing" and the beautiful pink bunny costume.

    I really disliked Rachel in this episode though and I didnt feel that she was funny at all in it but they had to have her to glue the whole show together.

    My favroutie costume would definetly have to go to Joey but they didn't make it too obious to laugh at before he said that he was Chandler.

    All in all great episode.
  • Halloween special

    Monica throws a Halloween custom party at her and Chandler's appartment. Ross takes Mona to the party. Phoebe invites Ursula and her fiancé, who Phoebe now feels attracted to. Monica dresses up as catwoman, Phoebe as supergirl, Rachel as a "woman who bought a fancy dress and wants to use it", Ross as "doody", Chandler as a pink bunny, and Joey as Chandler.

    This one, The One with the Halloween Party, was so amazing. Was so so funny. The fact that Monica thought Ross could beat up Chandler was hilarious. Rachel paying the children because she ran out of candy was so funny. And the costumes, the costumes were so funny. Ross's Doody, Chandler's pink rabbit and Joey's Chandler were the best. Also, Monica looked hot in her catwoman costume, lol.
  • 805

    I have to say Lisa Kudrow stole the show here. Playing Phoebe and the opposite of Phoebe, Ursula, is something that she pulled off brilliantly. The plot was interesting. Phoebe falling in love with Ursula's finace, Eric. It's even harder when Phoebe finds out that Ursula has been lying to Eric.

    Phoebe: She is lying! And I bet I can prove it. Excuse me. (She grabs Ursula's purse and starts going through it and finds some papers.) Okay. Okay. Yeah-Not a prayer chain, but what looks like a detailed drawing of a bank floor plan. (Holds up her nametag.) I could not stop laughing at that line. There was definitely a lot more memorable moments, probably too much to mention. Rachel trying to be nice to the kids was funny. Chandler vs. Ross at arm wrestling was absolutely hilarious. Joey fit in perfectly, and Mona felt out of place. I just don't see her as Ross's girlfriend. I just see her as some random date or hookup, I just have trouble getting used to her probably because there's noting strange or quirky about her. She's just plain jane. All the costumes were also hilarious, and I have to say, this is a great Halloween special. It still manages to be eventful as well with Phoebe & Eric. Hilarious episode.