Season 8 Episode 6

The One with the Halloween Party

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2001 on NBC

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  • The gang has a Halloween party, and has some funny times during it!

    I loved this episode! It was fantastic and funny and I loved how everyone had a costume on. I especially thought Ross and Chandler's costumes were funny. When Joey said "Alright Ross came as doody!" I laughed so hard!
    When Chandler came out in his pink bunny costume, I almost died.
    Chandler: Monica, I appreciate you getting me the costume.
    Rachel: Oh, you did this to him?
    Monica: I thought you'de love it? Your favorite book as a kid was the velveteen rabbit
    Chandler: The velveteen rabbit was brown and white!
    Monica: Well, it was either a pink bunny, or no bunny at all
    Chandler: No bunny at all! Always no bunny at all!

    Chandler: Howdy doody?
    Ross: That's funny, so funny coming from the guy in a pink bunny costume his wife made him wear

    I laughed so hard!