Season 8 Episode 6

The One with the Halloween Party

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2001 on NBC

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  • I always LOVE LOVE LOVE when our favorite Friends dress up.

    For each episode, there's always a moment that I look forward too. This is a rather simple moment compared to the rest of the hilarity of the episode: Phoebe says "So I see we meet again, Catwoman." And then Monica replies "Hello Supergirl." And then Phoebe says, "It's me Phoebe." I don't know why...but I alays love that part because it's so Phoebe. Chandler as a big pink rabbit. Ross as Spudnic/Doody. Rachel as a pregnant woman who soon wouldn't fit in that dress. And Joey as Chandler. Toooo funny.

    I also love Rachel giving out candies and soon checks. And Ross and Chandler arm wrestling. And Mona came as a nurse, but Chandler mistakens it as a slutty nurse. And Gunther as Charlie Brown, mistaken by Rachel as gay And I also didn't mind Sean Penn as a solar system and his storyline with Phoebe.

    A whole lot of funny stuff. One of the purest enjoyable episode.
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