Season 7 Episode 10

The One with the Holiday Armadillo

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2000 on NBC

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  • a funny episode

    Ross's plans to teach Ben about Hanukkah are continually thwarted when the young boy can't get his mind off of Santa and when he dresses up as an armadillo to teach him of it, chandler walks in as santa and steals ross's limelight. Phoebe prepares to move back into her refurbished apartment, with or without Rachel. However, she'll stop at nothing to get Rachel to go with her, including buying Joey a drum set and a tarantula but it doesnt work as rachael loves the gifts and in the end pheobes appartment is no longer safe for them bith to live there. Monica is mystified by Chandler's inability to tip properly. unlike richard which makes chandler even more determined to get it right.
  • too funny

    This epsisode was too funny because of Ross dressing up like an armadillo to teach Ben about Hannakah. He wasn't going to dress up like Santa like Susan does each year so he could teach Ben about being Jewish and why they celebrate Hannakah but Ben thought Santa wasn't coming because he had been bad so Ross felt like he had to dress up for ben. But when he went to go rent a Snata costum there wasn't any left so he rented an armadillo costum. My favorite part is when Monica says "you must be tied coming all the way from Texas". This was a great episode.
  • A fun, cleverly done episode.

    This episode is one of the rare episodes that allows Ben to be a little more than just a cameo character, as this episode's best storyline revolves around Ben. While taking Monica out to dinner, Chandler learns that their restaurant reservations were messed up and Monica persuades Chandler to tip in order to get a table. Unfortunately for Monica, Chandler doesn't know how to tip and boggles up every opportunity that he has. Phoebe is desperately trying to get Rachel to move in to her new apartment with her, and in order to do so, she must get Rachel to want to move out of Joey's apartment. She buys Joey a new drum set and a pet tarantula in hopes of freaking Rachel out, but both plans seem to backfire. Meanwhile, Ross is having issues trying to get Ben excited about Hanukkah, and in a last minute effort to divert Ben's attention from Christmas and Santa, he rents an armadillo costume and poses as the "Holiday Armadillo," Santa's part Jewish friend. This episode is just a lot of fun to watch, particularly seeing Ross dressed as the armadillo, and a few surprise costumes by Chandler and Joey.
  • Ross's plans to teach Ben about Hanukkah are continually thwarted when the young boy can't get his mind off of Santa. Phoebe prepares to move back into her refurbished apartment, with or without Rachel.

    Great episode. I don't know why Phoebe would move into her apartment so close to Christmas. I would wait. I am surprised Ben didn't know that Superman was Joey but it was funny. First Ross- The Hoilday Armadillo, second Chandler0- Santa and then Joey- Superman! That must of been an awesome Christmas for Ben then! Joey was the best! I think it would be very funny if Phoebe and Joey lived together. That would be so funny!!!
  • Ross wants to dress up like Santa for Christmas but there are no costumes left so gets a armidillo costume.

    I love this episode. I have seen it so many times but i never get tired of it. I love the scenes between Ross and Chandler when they\'re dressed up like Santa Clause and The Holiday Armidilo. I mean seriosly who doesn\'t love hearing Chandler say \"Im here to give Ben some presents. What are you doing here wierd turtle man?\" And also the armidilo\'s tail wagging when Ross walks. Though thoses scenes were great, I think the Monica/Chandler tipping storyline was on the lacking side. Sure it has its funny parts but the rest is kind of boring. Monica and Chandler are my favorite characters so I love watching their storylines, but this one I could live without.
    The Joey/Rachel?Pheobe plotline was pretty good. It was funny but also had you know a point to it.
    All and all this was a grerat episode.
  • Christmas episode, part deux.

    Well I guess there was two Christmas episodes this season. The plot continues as Ross tries to show Ben about Hannukah, and he dresses up in a ridiculous outfit to show him. I like how in the end, all the friends gather together, to light the candles. Like an easter bunny's funeral. That was hilarious. Phoebe's plot was the best. Trying to drive Rachel out of Joey's apartment. But in the end. Phoebe wants the whole apartment to herself. Although I kind of wanted them to move in together again. Oh well. Chandler's tipping was funny side plot. It kind of died down a bit toward the end though. Good episode.
  • I especially loved the part when Superman flew all the Jews out of Egypt!

    Ahahahaha...the writers must have been stoned when they wrote this episode because it is just the funniest. I swear if they did more episodes like this I would love this show even more and I already enjoy it a lot. If you only watch one episode, watch this one!

    Chandler: If Santa and the Holiday Armadillo are ever in the same room for too long, the universe will implode! Merry Christmas
  • Not a great episode in fact it wasn't really interesting to watch

    This episode is definitely not one of my favorites in fact when I watch it on the DVD I fastforward through the parts with the holiday armadillo just didn't make that much sense to me. I think that the parts with Pheobe trying to win back Rachel are funny b/c not many people will try some of those things to get back their friend as their roommate. They should have made the episode more interesting all around the only part that I like with everyone is the end where you have Santa, and The holiday armadillo and Superman and then Rachel thinks its the easter bunnies funeral.
  • A really boring episode and not a lot occurred

    Everytime I see this episode I dislike it more and more. Ross explaining what Hanukkah was, over and over and over (as he kept getting interrupted) was very, very boring. Him dressing up as an Armadillo was just completely random and stupid. Honestly it was as if the writers had no idea what to write, so they threw in an Armadillo.

    Rachel and Phoebe planned to move back to there apartment after it was burnt down, why would it have been fixed right before christmas?

    Series seven was a good season, this episode being the only one that was a let down.
  • Implausible, silly, and out of character.

    Sorry, but the sheer implausibility of this episode makes it one of the series' weakest offerings. If the normally reserved Ross were really interested in teaching Ben about Judaism, would dressing as an ARMADILLO be the most likely way for him to go about it? (Rachel's line about the Easter Bunny's funeral was good, though.) And if Phoebe were really close friends with Rachel, wouldn't she already know how she would react to drums and tarantulas? (We won't even go into Phoebe's ability to buy expensive gifts.)

    Whenever the writers feel the need to ransack the wardrobe and prop departments to generate laughs, that's a danger sign.
  • A good start but then...

    A good start but then...

    The episode has a serious side for the meaning of Christmas.It talks about religion of the Jewish ways of Hannukah.

    It is quite a boring episode but an ok one to watch.

    But when it gets to the last 7 minutes evrything goes downill for me, Ross has an absolute ridiculous outfit and I am shouting inside.
    Ross\' voice of the Armadillo is soooo annyoing that is the only negative scene not just of the episode but to the whole show!

    If you already start to watch this then carry on but don\'t watch it over and over again because you will only watch 3 quarters of it, it is that annoying.

    My rating would be 3/10!