Season 7 Episode 10

The One with the Holiday Armadillo

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2000 on NBC

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  • A good start but then...

    A good start but then...

    The episode has a serious side for the meaning of Christmas.It talks about religion of the Jewish ways of Hannukah.

    It is quite a boring episode but an ok one to watch.

    But when it gets to the last 7 minutes evrything goes downill for me, Ross has an absolute ridiculous outfit and I am shouting inside.
    Ross\' voice of the Armadillo is soooo annyoing that is the only negative scene not just of the episode but to the whole show!

    If you already start to watch this then carry on but don\'t watch it over and over again because you will only watch 3 quarters of it, it is that annoying.

    My rating would be 3/10!