Season 10 Episode 7

The One with the Home Study

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2003 on NBC

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  • One of the funniest episodes of Friends ever! -True Story

    This episode is so amazing! I laughed more than I ever laughed in my life. Rachel doesn't approve of Ross' decision to try and bring Emma to the park because of a swing incident that happened to her when she was little. Ross' convinces her to go and see how much Emma loves it, so Rachel does. We find out that Ross' is deadly afraid of spiders. Monica and Chandler meet with the Adoption Lady and find out that she was one of the people Joey had a one night stand with. They say they aren't friends with him because they want her to like them. Chandler says one of the funniest quotes ever when the lady walks through the door, "We love kids, love em to death, well not actually to death...We love them a reasonable amount...aloud by law."

    Joey than walks by the door wanting to go in to their apartment, Chandler jumps up and slams into the door to try and make him go away. Chandler says, "Don't worry thats just Crazy Bert, he wanders the halls. He is great with kids though." The lady looks confused. "Keep on roaming Bert we don't want no crazy today," says Monica.

    Joey says everything doesn't sound fine to himself as he walks into his apartment with an idea. We then go back to Mondlar's apartment and we see Joey walking up the fire escape with a bat, hahaha.

    Soon enough the adoption lady knows Joey is there and confront him about why he never called her. Joey acts as if she never called him to make her look bad. He tells her that she broke his heart and that she has no idea how many women he had to sleep with to get over her. Joey leaves and we learn later that her name is Laura. Laura apoligizes to Monica and Chandler and they say that it is okay. She says that they are nice and they get wait listed for a baby.

    Mike and Phoebe realize that they don't really want a huge wedding and decide to give all the wedding money to charity. They do and then Phoebe later decides that she made a mistake and that she does want an amazing wedding. So she goes to ask for the money back.

    Rachel tells Ross that when she was little she got her hair caught in the chain on the swings, and she never wants Emma to go on one. The next scene shows them at the park. Emma gets on the swing and she loves it. Ross trys to take a picture and get kick by another kid on a swing haha.

    In the last scene Rachel and Ross make a deal that she will get on a swing ONLY if Ross holds a spider. Rachel very catiously gets on the swing and Ross holds a spider. Ross says I can barely even feel him anymore and Rachel says thats because hes on your neck. Ross flips out and acidentally gets in the way of Rachel's swinging path. She knocks him over. End Scene.

    The acting in this episode is awesome, and this is such an amazing episode.