Season 3 Episode 18

The One with the Hypnosis Tape

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1997 on NBC

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  • The title tells it all!

    This episode is my personal favorite of the season. Matthew Perry is just wonderful in this episode, it no doubt was one of his best of the season, possibly one of this best of the series. He is very funny and strangely very believable. Though it does bother me a little that Rachel never realized what was going on with Chandler and the tape, it only takes me a second to realize it was Rachel I was talking about, of course she didn't notice ANYTHING. This is one of the greatest Chandler-based episodes of the series. I am always surprised by how much attention it lacks.
  • a good episode

    in this episode monica dates a restaurant customer who turns ou to be a multi billionaire. rachael tries to get chandler to stop smoking by using an hypnosis tape. but the tape is all about women who try to give up smoling and then chandler becomes more feminine, monica confronts her new boyfriends wealth decides to now become proper bf gf material. and joey who wakes up at the niht hears chandlers hypnosis tape and puts in his own lines like joeys your best friend you will make hima cheese sandwich every day. lol a very good episode. ha ha.
  • Hilarious episode!SPOILERS

    I like this episode a lot. Especially its DVD version that adds some good things about Chandler. Chandler, in fact, has to quit smoking and Rachel gives him an hypnosis tape that (whoops!) repeats "you're a strong, confident WOMAN" so we can see chandler acting like a girl in the whole episode and it's fantastic! Really wonderful: he throws the keys like a girl he uses Chap Stick in a really girly way, and so on... The whole episode is about Phoebe's brother getting married with Alice who is 26 years older than him. This has brought many other good lines. Summarizing it all: a good friends episode, average among third season.
  • The Pete storyline is introduced.

    Finally they give Monica a good boyfriend, well for now, and he is rich! Too bad Monica doesn't really feel anything. He was so nice to give her that large tip. Rachel's reaction was pretty funny. They go to Rome! That is something that doesn't happen every day! I like how Frank came back, I guess he is a recurring character official, he is going to get married to Alice! Which is a great character by the way. Chandler acting like a girl through the whole thing was hilarious! It really fit, the reactions to it was also hilarious. A great episode.
  • Chandler is a strong, powerful woman. Looks like somebody picked up the wrong tape.

    I think the most comical part about the whole episode is when Chandler starts acting more feminine and we finally find out why. Chandler is trying to quit smoking. To do so, he listens to a hypnosis tape at night while he sleeps to hopefully help him quit. When Joey walks in on him while he's asleep and is playing the tape, he realizes that it mentions that he is a strong and powerful woman. Chandler's feminine actions is a result from getting a tape meant for a female. Looks like the hypnosis tape works after all. Joey puts this to the test and starts to repeat "make Joey a sandwich" to Chandler while he sleeps to see if it will sink in. His plan however, is interrupted, and Joey doesn't get his sandwich after all.