Season 1 Episode 22

The One with the Ick Factor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 04, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

The gang is at Central Perk. Monica & Phoebe want Rachel to tell Chandler about the dream she had about her and him having sex on the table at Central Perk. Ross is disturbed; he wants to be Rachel's dream guy. Phoebe is looking through the job section, in need of some short-term work because her massage business is slow. Chandler's secretary will be out for a couple of weeks; Phoebe wants to fill the position. Ross' beeper goes off. A practice beep in preparation for Carol's labour. Monica gets up to leave; she has a date with Ethan, a college senior. She told Ethan she was 22 instead of her actual age of 26. At Chandler's office, he & Phoebe are there. The phones are ringing while she plays with a thumbtack remover. Chandler goes inside his office, closing the door, leaving Phoebe in her secretary desk. The intercom buzzes, Phoebe wanted to say hi. He is sorry he let her come to work. Monica just finished cleaning the windows at her place. She goes over to the kitchen to check on the dinner. Rachel notices Monica is a little more frazzled tonight, so she asks her if tonight is "the Night?" for her and Ethan. Yes, she even shaved her legs. Joey & Ross are at Central Perk. Phoebe & Chandler enter. Phoebe is happy about her first day at work but Chandler finds out that she didn't tell anyone they were friends because "they don't like you." Chandler is alarmed, he had no idea. They stopped liking him once he became their boss. Monica & Ethan are sitting on the couch in her place. He looks at his watch & tells Monica he has to go. They kiss. Monica proposes that he stay the night. He accepts. They kiss. Ethan tells Monica before they 'stay over', she needs to know something: he's a virgin. Monica thinks it is sweet that he wants to share it with her. Time passes. They are in Monica's bed. Ethan is amazed & happy. Monica uses this time to finally tell Ethan that she is 26, not 22. He gives her another secret, he's "a little younger than he said." Monica finds out Ethan is a high school senior. She is freaking out about having sex with a minor while he is happy he had sex period. She asks him why he never told her before and he says because he was falling in love with her. She tells him to "fall out of it". At Monica & Rachel, everyone except Monica is there. Rachel had another sex dream with Chandler, this time Joey was there too. Joey enticed, moves in closer towards Rachel. Meanwhile Ross sinks further into his hole of oblivion as Rachel has sex with any men but him in her dreams. Joey wants to know all the details. Did she do it with Chandler first and then with him or both at the same time. Rachel laughs and tells him, "There were times when it wasn't even me." Both Chandler & Joey laugh until they realise what she means and they recoil in horror. Monica enters; Rachel tells her Ethan called again. Chandler & Joey crack jokes about him being in high school. Monica looks at Rachel who says she didn't say anything, Ethan stopped by. Phoebe is headed out the door to a birthday party with some of her co-workers at Chandler's office. Chandler had no idea about the party. Phoebe tells him to come, show the co-workers he is still the same Chandler. At Chandler's office, he & Phoebe are taking a break. Phoebe lets him know that despite the great time he had at the party, everyone still makes fun of him. They see him as a suck-up type boss. Chandler is confused. At Central Perk, Ethan enters to speak with Monica. Rachel gets Ross & Joey to leave so the two can be alone. Ethan asks Monica what's the problem, he thought everything went well. She tells him it did. It's just the age thing, it's "icky". Chandler & Phoebe are in a hall & overhear an employee's conversation. One is impersonating Chandler. He's learned not to be bothered by the comments. At Monica & Rachel's, Ross watches TV for a bit before turning it off. Rachel is asleep on the other couch. He puts a blanket over her. Rachel is talking in her sleep, making sensual sounds as she strokes her hand over the pillow. Ross hears her call his name & begins to dance on the coffee table. He slips immediately, falling on the couch, waking her up. Rachel's flustered to see Ross in the flesh, especially after her dream. But before she can tell him anything, his beeper goes off. Carol is in labour. It takes a few seconds before he realises what that means. He jumps back on the table again before looking for a phone. He runs off the table & over the couch, but slips & falls on the floor. In the hallway, Ross eagerly waits for the others to get ready to go to the hospital with him. Rachel comes out with a compact & lipstick in her hands. Joey comes out with a huge sandwich in his hand. Monica comes out, crying that she is going to be aunt. Ross just wants to leave. They all go down the stairs. Ross turns around, looking as if he were in a coma state. The gang turns around to go get him.

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