Season 4 Episode 21

The One with the Invitations

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 1998 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: During a flashback when Ross and Rachel are in bed after having gotten back together at the beach, Ross screams out, "We were on a break!" We see him screaming this in the bedroom, however, in the original episode, we only hear his voice screaming the words, while on screen we see Monica pop up from behind the kitchen table where she'd been cleaning.

    • Goof: When Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler and Joey get their wedding invitations, in one shot you can clearly see Phoebe's full address displayed on the envelope. But in another shot it just says "Phoebe Buffay" on the envelope. As well as that, if it only had "Phoebe Buffay" written on the envelope, it would have been impossible for it to arrive by mail.
      Note: The main envelope with the address and stamp on it contains two other envelopes. One slightly smaller with just the guest's name on it containing the actual invitation (this is the one Phoebe is holding that just has her name on it). Then, there is an even smaller, stamped, return-addressed envelope for the RSVP card. These three separate envelopes can be more easily seen when Rachel opens her invitation.

    • Continuity: On the wedding invitation that Ross sends Rachel, the envelope is addressed to "Rachel Greene."

  • Quotes

    • Chandler: Y'know what? Seems like all of a sudden... so much is happening.
      Joey: I know. Ross is gettin' married.
      Chandler: Phoebe's... making people.
      Joey: Everybody's doin' stuff.
      Chandler: ...and we just sit here. I mean, if I died, the only way people would even know that I was here would be by the ass print on this chair!

    • Joey: What are we doin'?
      Chandler: Wasting... our lives!
      Joey: I meant for lunch.
      Chandler: We have to do something, okay? Something huge!
      Joey: (suddenly inspired) We could climb Mount Everest!
      Chandler: No, no. Not something stupid. Something huge!

    • Chandler: It'd be nice to leave an ass-print on Mount Everest.

    • Phoebe: I never knew you couldn't fly in your third trimester!
      Joey: I knew that.
      (Everyone looks at him)
      Joey: So didn't know that... but you should see your faces!

    • Rachel: (about Ross's wedding) I'm fine. I'm happy for him, really, I'm... I'll work on it.

    • Monica: No! You're really not going?
      Rachel: Yeah... It's just gonna be too hard, y'know? I mean, it's Ross... How can I watch him get married?

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