Season 3 Episode 3

The One with the Jam

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

Joey is jumping on the bed and he falls off and breaks his arm.

Monica decides to make jam to get over Richard and Joey has to wear a sling. Joey loves jam so Monica gives him a lot of it.

Meanwhile, Phoebe is being stalked. Phoebe asks the stalker why he's stalking her and he says that he thought Phoebe was Ursula. Phoebe and the stalker talk a bit and they like each other. They decide to go get a cup of coffee.

At Monica and Rachel's apartment, Chandler asks Ross and Rachel some dating advice. He asks what to do if Janice and is really close to him and he can't get to sleep. Rachel says she doesn't know because Ross and her cuddle all night. Then she goes to work. As soon as she leaves, Ross tells Chandler what to do. Ross says to hug Janice, then roll away.

At the coffee house, Phoebe tells everyone about the stalker. She says she has a crush on him. Then Monica decides not to make any more jam and have a baby instead. She's going to get the sperm from the sperm bank.

Then Chandler tries the "Hug 'N Roll" with Janice and Janice falls off the bed.

Back at Monica's and Rachel's apartment, Monica is looking through the sperm bank people. Then Phoebe walks in and tells everyone that she really likes the stalker. Everyone thinks that Phoebe is crazy for trusting the stalker, but she won't listen to them. Then Rachel convinces Phoebe to follow the stalker to see if he's still stalking Ursula.

Phoebe starts to follow the stalker and it turns out that he still is stalking Ursula.

Back at Monica and Rachel's apartment, Joey talks to Monica about having a baby. He talks Monica out of having a baby.

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