Season 3 Episode 3

The One with the Jam

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 1996 on NBC

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  • The Hug & Roll.

    The episode I thought for once Rachel & Ross weren't going to get in a fight but I was wrong. Ross reveals the hug & roll to Chandler, and then Rachel finds out. They didn't solve the problem though. Janice getting her arm sprained because of it was hilarious! Monica wanting to have babies, it was funnier when she was making jam. Why they broke Joey's arm? Never know. Phoebe & Ursula plot continues from season 1. A talker accidentally stalks Phoebe, the whole situation is hilarious! I'm glad Monica didn't go through with the sperm bank. Joey helped her out!
  • Funny as always!

    Again another great and fun episode in this 3rd season. Monica is dealing with her painful break up with Richard, Joey hurts himself jumping on the bed, Phoebe gets a crush on her sister's stalker and Ross and Rachel are giving Chandler relationship related advices. Joey by the way is sweet, I love him when he's eating all the jam! In all these the funniest storyline is Monica's.. Before with the "Jam plan" and later with her "Baby plan"! Even though I like Monica story the best, the funniest scene is the Ross' "Hug and Roll" thing. Everytime I watch it I crack up! Ross and Chandler are awesome in that part..
  • Phoebe dates a man who thinks he's stalking her twin sister. Ross and Rachel give Chandler "boyfriend" lessons. Monica uses her free time after breaking up with Richard to make jam later considers going to a sperm bank.

    Phoebe confronts the man who appears to be stalking her and finds out he was supposed to be stalking her twin sister,Ursula. Phoebe discovers her love interest for him and the two start dating, but phoebe fears he may still be stalking her sister and after following him to the station phoebe spots Ursula there to.
    Ross and Rachel teach chandler about girls, but Rachel says her and Ross can't help with Janice wanting to get close because they're "cuddily sleepers", however when Rachel leaves, Ross teaches chandler about his trick to hug and roll her when she's asleep without Rachel knowing. Chandler's try was unsuccessful when he accidentally rolls Janice off the bed, causing Rachel to find out.
    To get over Richard, Monica decides to make lots of jam for joey, but later decides she should go to a sperm bank, However her plans change when joey shares his visions of Monica with a perfect guy.
    After dislocating his shoulder during filming, the writers added the idea that joey fell off the bed.
  • Monica makes Joey jam, and then she decides to take on a bigger project.

    I personally loved it. I understand how some people could have different views, but a lot of their problems are with Phoebe, who is my least favorite character anyway, so I kinda got used to not liking her. But I thought that it was great to see Joey have a moment with Monica where he was sweet and very caring, and he saw things from an intelligent point of view. I thought it was important, especially since we later find out that Monica was originally looking for Joey on the night that she starts her romance with Chandler. Plus, who doesn't love any episode with Janice? Overall, in my opinion, it was one of the better episodes of the first three seasons.
  • Average

    The one with the jam is episode 3 of season 3 of friends. its average by friends standards, but excellent by normal standards. Monica is still trying to get over Richard, which she finds really hard. She has a plan - to get over her man by making jam! Eventually she gives up on this plan and considers going to a sperm bank so she can have a baby and take control of her life. Rachel and Ross give Chandler lessons on how to be a good boyfriend, he tries out Ross's hugnroll technique on Janice, but end up giving her a black eye. Meanwhile, in Phoebe's world she dates her sister's stalker but finds it too weird and ends up stalking him.
  • an ok episode

    in this episode pheobe dates a man who thinks she is ursula and is stalking her. monica uses her free time to make jam much to joeys pleasure as he eats most of it. monca is still upset after the richard break up. she considers artificial insemination because she wants a baby. on the list of sperm donors she sees a perfect description of mr. joey tribiani and confronts hi. he says he went there after his week at the health place for scientific experiments. in the end monica doesent have a i and stops making jam and pheobe dumps her new boyfriend, not a very good episode.
  • An Alright episode

    Phoebe dates a man who thinks he's stalking her twin sister and after making him get over her phoebe follows him and makes a discovery. Ross and Rachel give Chandler lessons on how to be a succesful boyfriend. Monica uses her free time after breaking up with Richard to make jam to keep her occupied but when that doesnt work she considers insemination through a sperm bank
  • Really funny!!!

    This episode is funny. It has alot of jam in it.

    At the starting of this episode Joey breaks his arm by falling off his bed when he was jumping on it.

    Pheobe is getting stalked. Pheobe finally talks to the stalker. The stalker thinks that Pheobe is Ursulla. Pheobe thinks hes cute. She goes out on a date with him. Then Pheobe realizes that the stalker could still be stalking Ursulla. Pheobe follows the stalker and it turns out that he still is stalking Ursulla.

    Monica decides to make alot of jam to get over Richard. She makes like 50 bottles. Joeys like eats all of them. Then she said that she was losing 17 dollars a bottle, so decides to have a baby. She is looking through all of the sperm bank people. They finds one thats kind of like Joey. They figure out that it is Joey. Then at the end Joey convinces Monica not to have a baby.

    Chandler asks Ross how to get some space after he cuddles with Janice. He says to hug and then roll her away. Chandler tries it to Janice and his arm gets stuck underneath of Janice. Chandler pulles his arm out from underneath of Janice and she falls off the bed and breaks her wrist.

    I give this episode a 9.0 out of 10.
  • This episode is so great and funny!

    In this episode, Phoebe starts to date the man who is addicted to stalking her twin sister, Ursula. Phoebe tries to help him quit stalking her twin sister. But it's not as easy as Phoebe hoped it would be. To try and get over her ex boyfriend Richard, Monica decides to keep herself busy, by making a lot of jam. Monica then contemplates insemination through a sperm bank. Chandler receives relationship advice from Rachel and Ross. But when Chandler tries one of Ross’s suggestions with Janice, it doesn't go to well.

    I think this episode is hilarious! I absolutely love watching this episode over and over again.