Season 4 Episode 1

The One with the Jellyfish

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 1997 on NBC

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  • A very funny start to season 4 of Friends, continuing on from last season's 2 part final, this opening episode brings the famous couple Ross & Rachel back together and sees Monica get peed on (yes you did read that write - she did get peed on!) Great ep
    What a brilliant start to the 4th season of Friends! A very funny episode that sums up to me why I watch this series - funny storyline, hapless romance & something very embarrasing happening to someone!

    When at the beach Phoebe finds out that her mother's best friend is actually her birth mom and vows never to see her again (she is pretty angry you see!). Ross goes in to break up with a now bald Bonnie and gets back together with Rachel. However as Ross took such a long time breaking up with Bonnie, Rachel writes an 18 page "essay" (front & back I might add!) about why Ross broke up with her last time. Before those two can get back together he has to read it all. Unfortunatly he falls asleep and doesnt read the part about him taking full resposibility for their last break-up. He says that he does unaware of what he is agreeing to. While down at the beach Joey digs a big hole and Monica gets stung with Jellyfish causing Chandler to have to pee on her.

    This is a great episode, especially the later scene in which Ross, Rachel & Phoebe find out about what happened on the beach between the other three. Even though Ross & Rachel break up again at the end it is pretty hilarious how they do it, with Chandler waiting behind the kitchen door!

    Anyone who calls themselves a "Friends" fan has to see this episode or they are, quite frankly, not a true "Friends" fan! Another great episode in a great series!

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