Season 5 Episode 5

The One with the Kips

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 1998 on NBC

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  • a funny episode

    monica and chanler plan a romantic atlantic city getaway in order to have an intimate weekend away from the friends. whilst there chandler only wants to see a live car chase whilst monica switches the rooms 6 times ending the car chase who died and monica and chandler have a fight and break up slightly. after rachaels advice to do what emily wanted he now has to ell her he cant see her anymore. and in the end joey finds out about monica and chandler after they both tell siilar stories of what happened and monica losing a hair accesory, a good episode lol.
  • Joey discovers the truth about Monica and Chandler

    The best part of this episode is when Joey is sitting in the chair as he discovers that Monica and Chandler are a couple - first Pheobe makes a comment about Monica seeing Donald Trump which Chandler already told Joey he had seen him and then Monica asks Rachel for her eyelash curler which Joey got the phone call from the hotel in which he asked CHandler about it being left in his room - his facial expressions are the best
  • Ross says goodbye to Rachel.

    Well this episode wasn't as satisfying as expected from a hell of a cliffhanger in the last episode. I really hate Emily & I hope that Ross & her get a divorce sooon because she is really tiring. Anyways Rachel's reaction to Ross' decision was heart breaking, he should of told her in the beginning not 13 minutes in to the episode. In the B plot, Monica & Chandler have an Atlantic City getaway that does not go as plannned as Chandler is a jerk, and Monica keeps on switching rooms. Jeez, you think the gang would find out already. They are so obvious.
  • ...

    A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end. A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end. A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end.
  • This episode is filled with laughs, just like any other episode. This one was memorable.

    I really, really liked this episode. Certain funny moments made it one to remember. First, Rachel and Phoebe's plan to leave the group because they are 'the coolest', they wanted to take Joey too. The most hilarious moment for me was when Ross walks in to talk to Rachel and Phoebe says "Goodbye Ross, (forever)". Another really funny moment was when Joey finds out about Chandler and Monica. I could not stop laughing, and it is things like that make a show great. An added bonus was Phoebe thinking they were trying to take Joey. I think this sets the tone for most of the other episodes of the series and goes to show how funny the Monica and Chandler relationship is.
  • "We're in a relationship?" - Chandler

    This was a very cute episode but also a little sad. Chandler and Monica are tired of sneaking around so they decide to go away for the weekend to Atlantic City. But when they get there Monica gets all obsessive about having the perfect room so they have their first fight. After that Chandler thinks it's over but Monica thinks that's crazy and explains to him that this is how it works in an adult relationship. Joey also finds out about them which was really funny. I love it when he yells: "IN LONDON!!!".
    The sad part of this episode was that Ross had to tell Rachel that he could never see her again. I'm not really liking his second wife Emily.
  • Monica and Chandler go to Alantic city to spend the weekend alone. Ross tells Rachel he is not allowed to see her anymore and Rachel says that she would think Phoebe would be the first to go. Joey finds about Monica and Chandler.

    Good funny episode. Monica and Chandler tell everyone that they are going to Alantic city for work. They end up changing apartments so many times and Monica gets frustrated because Chandler keeps watching t.v. hehe. Ross finally tell Rachel he can't see her anymore which makes her mad. Rachel runs out of the apartment. Rachel starts talking about Phoebe would be the first one to leave the group because she lives far out which makes Phoebe mad. Rachel thinks that her and Phoebe should start their own group but Phoebe wants Joey to. Joey finds out about Chnadler and Monica.
  • This is the show where Chandler and Monica decide to go on a romantic trip together, but it doesn\'t work out exactly as they planned. Also, Ross tries to tell Rachel that he can\'t see her anymore.

    This episode is hilarious. Chandler and Monica decide to go on a romantic weekend together, and as I said, it doesn\'t work out. It\'s classic Monica when she decides to change rooms because there\'s lipstick on a glass. And, when the TV is back to \"regularly scheduled programmming\" , they play the ER music. (One of my favorite shows, but completely irrelevant). Then when they came back, and the hotel called about Monica\'s eyelash curler and Joey figured it out I thought it was hilarious. That is why I watch this show. I found that scene...unexplainably funny. I really liked that, and just this entire show is funny. Great episode.
  • Features an all-time classic Friends moment

    This episode is a typically funny one throughout, but the scenes where Joey figures out the truth about Monica and Chandler rank up there with amongst the funniest the series has to offer. As others have noted, the expressions on Joey's face as he first starts putting two and two together, then the moment it all hits him, are simply hysterical. Chandler's wincing, then he and Monica corralling Joey into the bedroom to ensure his silence is very, very funny. I always thought Monica and Chandler's desire to keep their relationship secret was kind of silly, but their antics created many funny moments, so how can I complain.
  • Simply worth it to see the look on Joey's face in the end.

    The fifth season was a great season, and this episode is one of the reasons why. In retrospect its all set up for later (the whole Monica and Chandler going away so that in the end Joey finds out and Ross having to tell Rachel he can't see her) but its done so well that you don't even notice.
    The end of this ep has one of my favorite moments when Joey realizes about Monica and Chandler. The look on Matt Le Blanc's face always makes me cry and brings joy to my heart. Maybe if we could broadcast this episode to the entire world, by the end, there would finally be world peace. When anyone gets angry, all they have to do is think of Joey, and then be happy.
    See, I'm thinking of him now, and I got no complaints.
  • A great episode for Monica and Chandler.

    I have always been a fan of this episode. Monica and Chandler go on their first vacation together and it is disastrous. They have their first fight over Chandler wanting to watch a police chase over spend time with Monica. This sets up some really funny material as they are making fun of each other throughout the whole episode. Also, at the beginning of the episode there is a scene where Monica is sneaking into Chandler’s apartment and Joey walks in on them so they tell him that the time is 9 AM. He actually believes them, which in my opinion is classic Joey. That is what made his character so funny, loveable and popular. Overall, the Monica and Chandler aspect of this episode is solid, but the rest is average.