Season 10 Episode 8

The One with the Late Thanksgiving

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2003 on NBC

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  • the group begs monica to cook thanksgiving dinner but then they all show up late.

    This episode is probubly my favorite. it was so funny. In the beginning chandler tells them that he and monica don't want tocook thanks giving dinner. But they talk them into it.

    Pheobe: think about it monica you'd be trying to top what you did last year. It'd be like you were in compotition with yourself.
    Monica: thats my favorite kind

    then Joey and ross get tickets to a big game and decide to go before dinner.

    Ross: (to chandler) guess what Joey got.
    Joey: Rangers tickets
    Ross: I wanted him to guess.(to chandler) Ok guess where they are.
    Joey: center ice
    Ross: did I do something to you?

    Pheobe and Rachle sign Emma up for a baby beauty pagent that is before dinner.

    Rachle: don't you put make-up on my baby
    Pheobe: why not? she's gonna look washed out compared to the other contestants.
    Rachle: cause I all ready did

    They all show up late and monica won't let them in.

    Joey: I hope the threeof you have a happy thanksgiving. Monica, Chandler, and the vain!