Season 10 Episode 8

The One with the Late Thanksgiving

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2003 on NBC

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    The One with the Late Thanksgiving has to be one of the best Friends episodes. Its great storyline is very good. After the gang asks Monica to make a Thanksgiving meal even though she doesn't want to, she reluctantly agrees. But Phoebe and Rachel are at a beauty pageant for Emma and Joey and Ross are at a Rangers game and they are all late for dinner. They all however meet in the hallway trying to make up an excuse. However Monica realizes they are out there and locks the door. Rachel uses her spare keys to get in but Monica and Chandler used the chain. After they squeeze their heads in to apologize, Joey gets stuck and breaks down the door right into the Thanksgiving dinner. However, Monica is not upset because her and Chandler are going to get a baby form the adoption agency.