Season 2 Episode 11

The One with the Lesbian Wedding

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 1996 on NBC

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  • Ross's ex-wife is marrying her girlfriend, which provides a job for Monica. Phoebe finds herself possessed by an dead client, and Rachel's mom drops by and reveals a big secret.

    This is one if the first American network television series to feature a same-sex marriage. New York City gay couples had no legal rights, when this episode aired, and many politicians, in both major parties, were rushing to support Federal and State so-called, 'Defense of Marriage' laws.

    This episode largely ignores the contentious, anti-gay political climate that existed and simply treats this as any other marriage. For the most part, the lesbian couple was well handled in the series, although they were restricted to a handful of guest starring roles, which did not leave much room for in-depth character development and personal displays of affection were, apparently, still taboo for network television.

    Beyond the wedding, we have some funny moments with Phoebe being possessed by an elderly client, who died on her table. I was never a huge fan of Rachel's mom but it is an interesting little bombshell to drop on your daughter.
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