Season 9 Episode 18

The One with the Lottery

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2003 on NBC

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  • All six friends involved in the same plotline.

    I really liked this episode, it was the first one in a long time where we got to see the gang hang out as friends, not divided into couples and groups, just being friends. My favorite episodes are usually the ones with the ensemble together, having one common storyline.

    I loved the bit about Emma saying her first word. It was very funny and well written, first Rachel's reaction, her using "gleba" in a sentence ("Emma just said gleba") and finally Ross's thrill in finding out what the word means. It was a really good storyline.

    Chandler's job thing was quite good too. It's nice to see things going well for Chandler career-wise. And I like that Monica is supporting him, she has her quirks and her obsessions but when it comes to Chandler she mostly just wants whatever's best for him.

    The episode had lots of good lines, lots of good moments and felt like old-time Friends. One of my favorites of the season!
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