Season 9 Episode 17

The One with the Memorial Service

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2003 on NBC

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  • Dosen't fail as another perfect season 9 episode.

    This season has been pretty much perfect and this episode dosen't fall short.

    Chandler and Ross are making lies up on an alumni page resulting in a fake memorial and "party boys for Chandler." Monica tries to keep Mike and Phoebe away from each other, while Rachel tries to keep original hugsy with Emma and away from Joey.

    Funny from beggining to end. The dialogue is smart as always.
  • Chandler Plays A Joke On Ross That Ends Up Saying That He Is Dead & Also Leads To A Faux Memorial Service For Him. Joey Won't Give Emma 'Hugsy' (Stuffed Animal) & Monica Tries To Keep Mike & Phoebe Apart.

    This Is SO Funny! Chandler States On Ross's Alumni College Website That He Had *** With Dinosaurs, Ross In Turn, Says That Chandler Is Gay (Proven With A Picture!) Then Chandler Decides To Get Back At Him And States On His College Website That Ross Had Died After Getting Hit By A Blimp! This Leads To A Faux Memorial Service, Which Only 1 Person Turned Up To!
    Joey Won't Give Emma 'Hugsy'A Stuffed Animal, He Tries To Steal 'Hugsy' Back But With No Luck.
    Monica TRIES To Keep Mike & Phoebe Apart, After They Break Up, But The Two Ended Up Kissing :)
    Hilarious Episode!
  • Ross fakes he is dead.

    Good episode. Chandler and Ross go on to their college website where Chandler and Ross end up making untrue statements about each other. First Chandler says Ross sleeps with dinosaurs!! Lol that was funny! Then Ross says Chandler is gay But Chandler says Ross is dead which leads to a lot. Ross even gets angry when no one cares he is dead and fakes his own memorial service. Phoebe and Mike can't get over each other and end up kissing.
  • funny

    Chandler's jokey entry on his and Ross's college website leads to a faux burial service for the allegedly dead and obviously unpopular Gellar which causes an all out fight between them in a prank war. chandler says that ross has sex with dinosaurs and then ross photoshops pictures of chandler into gay porn pictures. Joey refuses to give Emma his favorite stuffed animal hugsie so he buys her a new one but she only wants the original because it reminds her of her favourite uncle joey. Phoebe begs Monica to help her avoid a post breakup tryst with Mike with hilarious results.
  • Ross and CHandler write rumors on internet about each other. Monica tries to stop Phaeobe from goin to see mike. Rachel gives Mr. Hugsy(joey's fav. stuffed animal) to emma. Joey tries to get it back.

    A fine example of Friends. I love the whole Chandler/Ross storyline. I love how they make Chandler writes that he dided from getting hit by a blimp. (you know it kills 1 american(s) a year. lol I think Ross's was worse though because Chandler has always been suspected to be gay. ( which is IS not)
    I also like the Joey Rachel story. I love how joey is trying to do the right thing but the kid inside him needs the penguin. I love how they make him take it back at the end. the only thing I didn't like about this episode that they reveal mike's speech has been done before.
  • Funny episode!

    This episodes is one of the best episodes of Friends I have ever watched in the entire season, I think that this episode is really good, and I think that I love the part where Chandler and Ross fight against each other, Monica tries to help Phoebe to fight with her break-up with Mike, but in the end they end up together again, while Joey fights against Emma for his little pinguin toy, Hugsy, and it all turns to Joey finally being beaten up by a little girl, and Rachel going totally insane because of their war.
    This episode is very good, and it make me laugh at all, it is good to see that Friends haven't lose their funny aspects after nine seasons.