Season 9 Episode 17

The One with the Memorial Service

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2003 on NBC

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  • Ross and CHandler write rumors on internet about each other. Monica tries to stop Phaeobe from goin to see mike. Rachel gives Mr. Hugsy(joey's fav. stuffed animal) to emma. Joey tries to get it back.

    A fine example of Friends. I love the whole Chandler/Ross storyline. I love how they make Chandler writes that he dided from getting hit by a blimp. (you know it kills 1 american(s) a year. lol I think Ross's was worse though because Chandler has always been suspected to be gay. ( which is IS not)
    I also like the Joey Rachel story. I love how joey is trying to do the right thing but the kid inside him needs the penguin. I love how they make him take it back at the end. the only thing I didn't like about this episode that they reveal mike's speech has been done before.