Season 3 Episode 4

The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

The group is watching TV and they see Joey on an infomercial. After making fun of him a bit they change the channel only to see him on a second infomercial.

Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and Janice are hanging out at Central Perk when Joey comes in kind of mad. He tells Chandler that he missed an audition thanks to him, but Chandler has no idea what he's talking about. Phoebe then jumps in saying that it was Chandler. She then says that she was the one who forgot to give him the message because her and Chandler were playing hide and seek. To make up for it, Phoebe calls the casting director pretending to be an agent and gets Joey a second chance for the audition.

Susan and Carol come over with Ben to visit with Ross, only Ben brings a Barbie. Ross doesn't really like this idea of Ben having a Barbie, but he says he's okay with it. Later, he's trying to take away the Barbie and entice Ben with a monster truck and a dinosaur. Chandler comes in asking Joey to answer his phone because it's Janice. He doesn't want to see her tonight, because their date last night made Chandler feel like they were a couple and he's afraid of commitment. Chandler wants to avoid her because he doesn't want to say something stupid and mess things up. The group tries to help Chandler with getting through "the tunnel" of commitment.

Phoebe is about to play with Rachel and Joey when she gets beeped for Joey's audition from earlier that morning. Joey then decides to ask Phoebe if she can get him four more auditions. She agrees.

Chandler and Janice are eating at Chandler's apartment when he gives her contact paper, that goes into her new drawer. The drawer goes into his dresser. He then keeps going to say that they should take a trip with her parents and that he wouldn't be scared if they moved in together. This freaks Janice out and she leaves, only to have Chandler chase her down the street later.

Rachel gives Chandler some ice cream, and she and Monica comfort him about what happened with him and Janice. Janice wants to slow the relationship down. The girls tell him that all he needs is some damage control. They tell him that he can't call her but that he should start acting aloof.

Ross is still trying to get the Barbie away from Ben with a G.I Joe, which also intrigues Joey. Phoebe comes in but tries to avoid Joey. She didn't want to tell him that he didn't get the job for one of the auditions. She doesn't want to do this anymore for him because she can't stand making him feel bad.

Chandler runs into Janice at a grocery store in Chelsea. He starts acting British and then when asked by Janice if he was waiting for her he grabs some barley and says that he's going to a party held by a woman named Chelsea that is in Chelsea. Janice says that either he's seeing somebody or he's pretending to see somebody both of which would make him a jerk.

Phoebe shows Joey more of the rejection letters she got for him and tells him stuff he can work on. Finally Joey says that he's decided to go back to Estelle. He then thinks that she only said those rejections to get out of being his agent. Phoebe lies and says that it's true, that she made it all up.

Chandler is back to being comforted by Rachel and Monica as he tells them that he threw the bag of barley at Janice and ran out of the store. Monica reminds him that they told him to act aloof, not like a doof. He's afraid that he's ruin his relationship with Janice, and now he gets the good ice cream. However, Janice then calls him and the girls don't know what to do because a guy would never call back. They give him directions of what he should do but he decides to talk to her on his own. Janice and Chandler make up, leaving the girls to eat the ice-cream.

Susan and Carol come to pick up Ben, who is now playing with a G.I. Joe instead of the Barbie. Monica tells him to stop being a weenie about it because he used to dress up like a woman when he was younger. He doesn't believe her but she goes on to say that he dressed up in his mom's clothing and made them call him "Bea". Susan is glad to hear this news. Monica tells them that there was also a song that he used to sing, but she can't remember the last sentence. Ross finishes it for her, making everyone laugh.