Season 3 Episode 16

The One with the Morning After (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 1997 on NBC

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  • Totally predictable! I excpected more from the show with such reputation!

    Since I\'m too laisy to review each episode individualy ,I\'ll just review previous and this one here. Since the relationship between Friends was nice and spotless ,they wanted to put a little dinamic ,by breaking up Ross and Rachell ,which is fine with me. But the entire plot is way to predictable for me to feel any suspence while watching it. Either it\'s predictable ,either it\'s way to stupid and unreal that not even some idiot wouldn\'t do that (like Ross\'es showing up at Rachell\'s office with picnic basket or the way Ross realised that Mark is at Rachell\'s. C\'mon ,we saw that Mark is smart enough to see what\'s going on between Ross and Rachell and he would know that he have to shut up while Rachell was talking with Ross ,not yelling to see if Rachell wants some fu**in juice!)C\'mon ,if you at least watched any other sitcom or some love movie you would know ,what was about to happen\' here! I ususally like Friends ,but after crumy episodes like this ,I\'m not so shore.
  • Great

    After taking a break with rachel, Ross seeks comfort by sleeping with another woman. The morning after Rachel calls him, telling him she wants to go back. So now Ross must try that Rachel doesnt know. But when she finds out, the whole "We were ona break" thing starts.

    "We were on a break!"
    In this episode, Ross and Rachel finally break up... for good. The whole episode is so funny and has amazing plot line. The episode is so funny and now with the end of Ross and Rachel, and with the beginning of the "we were on a break!", which captived us for so much time, the entire series after that.
  • Ross & Rachel break up for real.

    This is the saddest epsiode of Friends. Just when you think everything is going to work out with Ross & Rachel, like when Rachel says she wants to work things out, she has to find out about the girl from the copy place. Stupid Gunther had to tell her. I'm all for Ross on this one, he shouldn't of lied to her but I think it was totally reasonable. They were on a break, so I wouldn't see why Rachel would be upset since she is the one who called it off. Everyone hearing wit Waxine at the other end of the door was so funny! The bright side of the episode. Then Ross & Rachel officially break up.
  • Perfect

    The One with the Morning After has to be one of my favorite Friend's episodes. It is funny yet suspenseful at the same time. It's where Ross and Rachel have a fight. After trying to stop the incident of Ross and sleeping with a woman, he goes everywhere to stop it to get to Rachel. But unfortunately the information got to Rachel. With this knowledge Rachel is furious and they both head up to her apartment yelling at each other with Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe in Monica's bedroom and they close door. They listen to Ross and Rachel fight and then at the end Rachel says to Ross that they should break up.
  • Has to be one of the best episodes of the series.

    Everything about this episode was perfect. The essence of Friends was perfectly captured through the way the other 4 friends listened through the door, cracking jokes every once in a while, making comments and sadness. Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer were simply amazing in this episode. They had me laughing, then crying the next second with their brilliant performances. It comes as no surprise to find out both the actors actually cried in reality while filming this episode. It marked a dramatic and very sad end to one of the best couples on the show and will always be in my top/favourite episodes.
  • this episode is, in my opinion, the most emotional in series history, and probably the most important also, just because it sets up so many other Ross/Rachel storylines in the years to come

    This is one of the few Friends episodes where the drama takes over and comedic moments r only needed to lighten the mood. The dramatic final scene of the episode is the only time I've cried watching the show, with the only exception being "The Last One". To cement its place as one of the series' all time classics, the final piece of dialogue read as follows:

    Rachel: No. I can't. You're a totally different person to me now. I used to think of you as somebody that would never, ever hurt me. Ever. God, and now I can't stop picturing you with her. I can't. It doesn't matter what you say or what you do, Ross. It's just changed everything. Forever. Ross: This can't be it.
    Rachel: Then how come it is? I honestly get chills everytime I see this. I really think it is a credit not only to the Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer for the performances, but the amazing writing team of Marta Kauffman and David Crane...this episode was perhaps this finest hour of work in 10 of the finest years in sitcom television history
  • the best episode of the series

    this is my favorite episode of the series. they managed to mix humer with total sadness, and make it realistick, and amazing writing added in. i think this episode should have been saved for the season finale because it was that good. i loved the scenes with the chandler, monica, phoebe, and joey trapped in the room listning to the fight becease it was freaken hilariose. and how ross ran to all of the querky people trying to stop them from telling rachel, all leading to gunther, and the fight was also amazing. all concluding to the break up wiothc was the most emotional scene ever shot in friends EVER. this episode is hands down the most amazing piece of telivision
  • One of my favourite episodes!

    This is one of my favourite episodes!this show is not only about jokes,it also has a story,a beautiful story where the characters have feelings,and they hurt too!great scene between ross and rachel,they're great actors!In a comedy, acheiving such great performance in a sad scene which touched us all i guess, is not something easy.It's hard to believe that a comic tv show could make you made me cry three times,at this episode, in "the one with the proposal(2)" and in "the last one".So in this episode the actors gave the best out of them,acting the way they did!Acting feelings is probably the hardest job of an actor..
  • :,(

    This is a beutiful episode even though it is painful.. Yep in this episode Ross and Rachel ended their relationship because Ross slept with Chloe. This is a very sad episode but the writers made us laugh by showing Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey stucked in Monica's bedroom with no food or anything.. Meanwhile in the living room Ross and Rachel are in the middle of a terrible fight. In this episode we have, in my opinion, some of the best lines of the show.. I'm refferring to Ross and Rachel's speech. I can't help but cry every time I watch it.
  • While Ross and Rachel break-up in Monica's apartment, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Monica have to stay in the next room because they don't want Rachel and Ross to know they were listening.

    Wonderfully written! This episode is perfect. It deals with dramatic events that have to happen, but it never forgets that it really is a comedy. The episode deals with the real and sad fact that Ross and Rachel have broken up, but keeps it from being a dramatic tearjerker because of the humor in everyother scene. The jokes seemed effortless, there was no forced laughs a.k.a you don't have to laugh at the really bad attempts at jokes because there were none. I personally think it is funny that some of the best laughs of this season come from this episode, which also happens to be the saddest in the season. It was just a surprising great episode.
  • So painful... realistic, and still funny

    I love this episode. Its so realistic, and its emotionally draining while watching them fight and break up. And that provides some seriousness, while the other four in the bedroom provide comic relief, so you don't go crazy.
    Although I have never been in a breakup anywhere close to what R&R had, its like, wow. You really can feel all the emotion, because we had spent nearly 3 seasons wanting them together, watching them together, and you can't just imagine that they aren't perfect for each other. It seems so strange that such a relationship which WAS Friends really was such a short time. It also makes you realize that just because you think they are great together, really, they may not be.
    Oh, and the Waxine subplot with Monica and Phoebe. I have always wanted to try stuff like that. I hate shaving.... and it looks so painless... at least now I know that it isn't as painless as it seems to be hehe.
  • Thank you friends

    Spoilers, please do not read if you do not want to find out any information on the episode!!

    Ross, still feeling bad about his fight with Rachel, wakes up the next morning - only to find Chloe coming out of his bathroom. He immediately realises that they must have slept together. To make matters worse, he finds a message from Rachel on his answering machine saying she wants to work things out. She drops by - before Chloe's had a chance to leave - and they reconcile, albeit briefly. Ross wants to make sure Rachel never finds out about his transgression, and enlists the help of Joey and Chandler. They point out that he has to stop the "trail" from the girl he slept with (Chloe) to the girl he doesn't want to find out about it (Rachel). A frantic Ross follows the trail: He talks to Chloe's co-worker Isaac, then Isaac's sister Jasmine - who is also one of Phoebe's coworkers at the massage parlor. However, Ross inadvertently leaves out one very important piece of the trail - Jasmine's roommate, Gunther. Given that he's in love with Rachel, Gunther is all too eager to tell Rachel what Ross has done.

    Monica orders "Waxine," a supposedly painless leg-waxing kit. She and Phoebe try it out, only to find that it's not painless at all. Their screams of pain worry Joey and Chandler, who come over to see what the problem is. All four end up trapped in Monica's bedroom while Ross and Rachel try to work out their problems. Not having any food in the bedroom, the four are forced to eat the organic leg wax, and Joey contemplates getting a "new walk."

    After serious discussion, Ross and Rachel realise that they still love each other, but Ross's actions from the previous night cause Rachel to see him differently - and she refuses to take him back.

    This is my best friends episode evr as it is such a classic.Enough said.
  • A fantastic episode that became the basis of a huge storyline that affected the following 7 years of the show.

    I think this is an episode that made Friends what it is. How many times after this episode did we hear Ross yell "We were on a break!"? I think it became the episode that changed Friends forever. Without "TO The Morning After", we would never have been able to see how Ross and Rachel's relationship changed. In some ways this is the episode that ruined fans' dreams of how they wanted Friends to turn out. We had already sat through 2 years of Rachel/Ross "will they won't they" and now we had to sit through another 7. Without this Friends would have lost its biggest plotline and we wouldn't have been able to yell at the TV in those moments when they both came so close to telling each other how they really felt, like "TO At The Beach", "TOW Ross' Wedding", "TOW The Birth" and all the other times. This storyline didn't come to a head until "The Last One" when Ross and Rachel were finally able to be reunited. Also the acting in this episode was exceptional; you could really see both sides and my favourite moment was when Ross ran into Central Perk and turned round to see Rachel sitting in the window. The expression on her face was full of so much hurt and it really drew me in. Overall an absolutely fantastic episode. *****
  • Ross and Rachel break up because he sleeps with another woman and tried to hide it from her. Phoebe, Monica, Joey and Chandler are stuck in Monicas room through out Ross and Rachels break up and have fun moments together.

    This is one of the best episodes ever. Ross and Rachel breaking up was great. I can not stand them together and the way that they were torn apart was very well done. The scenes were great and it just made you realize that Ross and Rachel are not made to be together, because if they were and Ross loved her so much then why would he do something like that. The actors had a lot of chemistry here, they have chemistry when they are fighting and almost none when they are together as a couple. This was a good twist for this show, it showed some real drama and emotion. Deffinetly a great episode!!!
  • Ughhh, you need to reach for Kleenexes as this episode draws to a close! :(

    "I'm sorry, was I not supposed to?" The moment when Gunther says this can make your heart sink. However, the fact that Ross tried to cover up his mistake is not very noble at all. For Rachel to hear this from Gunther (and also for her to hear that Ross tried to prevent that from happening), is the beginning of the downfall throughout the whole episode. No matter how much Ross tries to redeem himself, it does not cover up what he had done. No matter if he thought they were "on a break," it does not give him the right to sleep with someone else, especially if he cares for Rachel as much as he says he does. Even so, with Mark being at the apartment and Rachel saying "Nobody" when Ross calls (which was highly unfortunate, as it heightened Ross's insecurity), Ross still was responsible for it. Rachel did the right thing in the breakup at the end of the episode, one of the hardest moments in Friends to watch. "You're a totally different person to me now," she says. What Ross had done was unbelievable to me as well.
  • In this episode of friends we can see everything has made this show so great

    I think Friends is my favourite tv show. And this episode is my favourite episode of friends. Someone may think it's unusual to like an episode about Ross and Rachel breaking up, yet I think this is the perfect example of why I like this show. The fight between Ross and Rachel is really well played by the actors, terrific job making that fight so "real", and it's very involving like every friends episode/storyline about love or relationships. Yet the writers, and the actors too, managed to give us some laughters - I mean, that's what a comedy is about- even in the most intense fight scene ever shot on the show, not to mention the other four guys that are in Monica's room listening. Just some great jokes about Chandler and some fine ones by Phoebe. Great comedy, great "relationship drama", great FRIENDS episode!!!
  • A series classic. I really loved this episode.

    The day after Ross and Rachel's big fight, Ross wakes up with Chloe, the girl he met last night, and he tries to hide the cheating from Rachel, who wants to get back with Ross, but it's too late when Gunther speaks too much. This episode is really emotional, and I believe some people cried while watching this (I was on the edge). It's good to have an episode like this, I don't think there even ever was an episode of Friends that was so emotional like this. I really hate Gunther for doing what he did, he is usually very useless. And the other guys, who were trapped in Monica's room, while Ross and Rachel were breaking up in the living room, had a few good laughs, enough to make this episode a little bit funny, to make a good balance between drama and comedy.
  • dramatic

    In this erpisode rachel finds out Ross cheated on her. After she told him they should take a break. Ross feeling hopless and confused doesnt know what to do as they fight and try to figure out what happened. The others sit in monica's room awaiting a conclusion to come from ross snd rachel. the thought of them not being together was scary for everyone. ross pleas with rachel for her to forgive him but she just cant. he was someone she never thought would hurt her and he did. sometimes love just isnt enough.
  • A well written episode which balances humor and drama in an excellent way.

    This episode of Friends is in my opinion one of the best episodes of any sit-com during the nineties. It keeps a clever balance between drama and comedy and it keeps all six main characters involved in the same storyline yet not.
    Ross and Rachel have a storyline which is more drama than comedy, with Rachel finding out about Ross cheating on her. Yet the writers manage to balance comedy into the equation without making the subject less serious or the jokes cheap. Well, in most cases. That whole pizza thing was just too immature.
    At the same time the other four are present in Monica's room, able to hear the whole thing. Instead of having a separate plot for them which would break the tension in the serious plotline they are all present yet not interfearing with the couple.
    It is probably the best episode of Friends, script wise. And in spite of some overacting from most of the cast the episode holds good quality.
    There are only two things that don't really add up. First, the other four can't be that dependant on Ross and Rachel's relationship. If they are they need to check back with reality real soon.
    Second, Ross never actually cheated on Rachel. She broke up with him, he slept with Chloe, she took him back. They weren't dating at the time.
    And interestingly enough, even though the break was Rachel's suggestion she spends the remainder of the show denying that they ever were on a break.
  • "Oh...was I not supposed to do that?" No, Gunther, you weren't, but thanks anyway for giving us this episode.

    Wow. What a great half hour of television. I'm not even sure where to start, so I think I'm just going to babble for a bit and hope that something coherent emerges.

    Wow. The lines and the way they are delivered in this episode are I'm partial to "You did a bad thing!" You know an ep is good if some random throw away character can deliver a memorable line, and it's probably not one of the top five in the ep. The writers did a good job creating sympathy for Ross even though he, as previously mentioned, did a bad thing. Ya think?!? I mean, major props to anyone who can CHEAT on his GIRLFRIEND and then make you feel bad for him the very next day. Though, I do feel bad for those guys who found that out the hard way. Wait a minute, no, no I don't. Damn you "Friends" writers.

    The scenes with Monica, Phoebe, Joey and Chandler trapped in the bedroom listening to Rachel and Ross fight are silly, yet a lot of fun. Surprisingly, this ep ends on a rather sad and serious note with really good acting from Jennifer Aniston and David (see, we're on a first name basis because I don't want to look his last name up).

    And then there's Joey and his walk. O, Joey, you make me happy.