Season 3 Episode 16

The One with the Morning After (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 1997 on NBC

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  • A well written episode which balances humor and drama in an excellent way.

    This episode of Friends is in my opinion one of the best episodes of any sit-com during the nineties. It keeps a clever balance between drama and comedy and it keeps all six main characters involved in the same storyline yet not.
    Ross and Rachel have a storyline which is more drama than comedy, with Rachel finding out about Ross cheating on her. Yet the writers manage to balance comedy into the equation without making the subject less serious or the jokes cheap. Well, in most cases. That whole pizza thing was just too immature.
    At the same time the other four are present in Monica's room, able to hear the whole thing. Instead of having a separate plot for them which would break the tension in the serious plotline they are all present yet not interfearing with the couple.
    It is probably the best episode of Friends, script wise. And in spite of some overacting from most of the cast the episode holds good quality.
    There are only two things that don't really add up. First, the other four can't be that dependant on Ross and Rachel's relationship. If they are they need to check back with reality real soon.
    Second, Ross never actually cheated on Rachel. She broke up with him, he slept with Chloe, she took him back. They weren't dating at the time.
    And interestingly enough, even though the break was Rachel's suggestion she spends the remainder of the show denying that they ever were on a break.