Season 9 Episode 15

The One with the Mugging

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2003 on NBC

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  • A very even episode, really funny and really balanced.

    Friends, just like most sit-coms, became less and less funny over the years and relied more and more on jokes on previous happenings or character traits. TOW the Mugging is a brilliant episode which works great as a stand-alone, filled with great comedy and some fine writing. It felt like it could have appeared in any season. One of the best episodes of this season.

    I loved the storyline with Phoebe and Ross. I have always liked those two together, actually I thought they would make a great couple, but even as friends they have great chemistry. I loved seeing the scene with the two of them in the beginning of the episode, where they are walking closely like that and Phoebe suggests they have dinner. We so rarely get to see much of the friendship between these two. Phoebe's discovery that she once mugged Ross was really funny, and it was great to get that tie between them. It seems now Joey is the only one who doesn't have a tie before moving in with a member of the group. And it was both sweet and funny to see Phoebe trying to make nice with Ross, and that she saved his comic strip all those years. I really liked this storyline.

    Chandler's hard time at his new job was pretty entertaining. I liked that they acknowledged that starting a whole new carreer at 30+ isn't always so easy, and that it might be difficult to be so much older than the others. Chandler's attempts to come up with a good slogan for the roller sneakers were quite hilarious. On a side-note, I couldn't help but notice that Chandler's boss is Hooch from "Scrubs"!

    Joey's acting gig was the least funny storyline of the episode, but it still worked quite well. Jeff Goldblum was a miscast IMHO, but the rest of it was funny. The only thing I don't really get is how come Joey is always claimed to be such a bad actor but when we see him on "Days of our Lives" he appears to be quite good. Not to mention the acting he did for Chandler when he told him that Monica had left him back in season six...

    In the end, I really only have one question though conserning this episode. Chandler met with the guy at the advertising firm a long time ago, how is it that he didn't get a job until this episode?
  • Crap from the street!

    I love watching this episode just for the scene between Ross and Rachael when she brings him a box of crap from the street. The episode is completely funny in it's own right but that scene is just the best. I mean crap from the street...a cat's just.

    I can't really summarize it well but it's great.
  • Joey auditions for a part on Broadway. Phoebe and Ross get mugged together. Chandler discovers that he is the eldest person at his advertising internship.

    Joey has an audition for a part in a Broadway show. At first the director doesn't like him. The second time he comes in he really has to pee, but he doesn't have time to go before the audition. The director really loves the way he acts when he has to pee and he gets the part. I thought this part was funny, though not the best part of the episode.

    Chandler gets an internship at an advertising company. The first thing he has to advertise are shoes with wheels. He really doesn't know what to do with these, since he thinks he is too old for them. In the end he does figure something out and his boss loves it. I think this part is very funny, I always like chandler and this episode is no exception.

    Phoebe and Ross walk down a street when a guy tries to mug them. Phoebe knows this mugger and she tells Monica and Ross about how she mugged people when she lived on the street. She figures out that when she was 14, she actually mugged Ross. She gave him back his "science guy" comic, that she stole. This is the funniest part of the episode. It's always funny to see Kyle Gass, even though his part is very small. All in all, this is a very good episode, especially since season nine isn't that great compared to the earlier seasons.
  • funny

    Joey endures a draining audition at the hands of a pompous actor-director but pursuades him to give him another chance, and so gets another audition. when he gets there he needs the bathroom but the director cannot wait and he gets the role for his weird acting. Ross and Phoebe discover a secret link after being mugged together on the street that when ross was a kid he was mugged by pheobe and she stole his comic, science boy. but in the end they are friends again and pheobe gives science boy back to ross. Chandler's advertising internship gets off to an impressive start as they think he is the boss for a minute.
  • Phoebe's Mugging Past...

    Great funny episode!!! Phoebe and Ross are walking along the street when a guy comes and mugs them. Ross freaks out totally and gives the his wallet to the guy and Phoebe doesn't causing Ross to think she is his death wish but Phoebe know the guy!! From where you ask? Her past when she was living on the streets. Ah that was so great! Joey gets an audtion and does really well but only because he needs to take a pee. The second time is better but when he is hugging the guy he pees and the guy looks down. Not good Joey but it was really funny!! Chandler is with a bunch of younger people but still gets off to a good start.
  • The One With The Mugging. This episode was, as said, another great installment. It is definatly top 10 for season 9!!!

    The One With The Mugging. This episode was, as said, another great installment. It is definatly top 10 for season 9!!!

    Ross finds out that the person who mugged him when he was 12 was actually Phoebe! Great character pass fuller.

    One thing I caught about the episode, however, was that Rachel had little air time. But it was subtle because she was not needed. It seemed that Jennifer had a cold or something, but other than that, the writers did it well, very subtle.

    I give this episode a 9.6! If you are looking into the series, this would be a great episode to watch!
  • Joey on top for once.

    This was a great episode! Not being the greatest Joey-fan (he's my least favorite out of the main six), he was absolutely hilarious this time. Joey- the first scene in which he announced his upcoming audition with the famous "Leonard Hayes" (played extremely well by Jeff Goldblum), made me excited, just like Joey himself. I rolled on the floor when Joey did his Jamaican accent. Joey's brainlessness wasn't over the top like often in the later seasons; he was charming and funny. Props to Goldblum, who was serious all the time but made me laugh so hard.

    Phoebe/Ross- I love these two together and they were on fire this episode, as they usually are. Ross learning Phoebe had mugged him in his youth was a funny revelation, and Ross dealing with it was even more funny. I always like it when there are made references to the friends' childhoods; learning about Ross' personal comic book hero "Science boy" was hilarious and very typical for his character. Deliciously mean Phoebe was hilarious as she intended to butter Ross up before confessing to him about who his mugger was; Ross started ragging about his work and Phoebe responded "all right nothing is worth this". The funniest scene was when Phoebe brought with her a box: "crap from the street". I lol'd when Ross said "sure, go ahead" to Phoebe and raising his hands doing it. Chandler - Chandler was hired as a trainee at an advertising company, only to be forced to work among colleagues much younger than him. Though this was the least amusing storyline of the episode, the fire Rollerblade scenes cracked me up, especially when Joey was involved ("it's like they're on FIRE!").

    Rachel - where was she?? She was only in this episode for less than 3 minutes. It's a shame, cause I love her too...

    As a whole, this episode rocked! Though I did miss Rachel.
  • Very Funny Episode!!!

    This was a really good episode from a really good season. The 2 Best Parts: 1st

    Mugger approaches Ross and Phoebe, Mugger:"Give Me your wallet, I have a gun." Ross:"Okay, just relax Phoebe just stay calm." Mugger:"Alright lady now give me your purse." Phoebe:"No." Ross:"What do you mean 'No', I knew you'd be my death Phoebe Buffay!" Phoebe Looks closer at the mugger. Phoebe:"Lole, is that you!" Phoebe Give the mugger a hug.

    2nd Phoebe:"I just wanted to apologize, and show you something I think you'll find very exciting." Phoebe pulls out a box. Ross:"Oh My God Crap From The Street!" hahahaha!!!