Season 9 Episode 15

The One with the Mugging

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2003 on NBC

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  • Very Funny Episode!!!

    This was a really good episode from a really good season. The 2 Best Parts: 1st

    Mugger approaches Ross and Phoebe, Mugger:"Give Me your wallet, I have a gun." Ross:"Okay, just relax Phoebe just stay calm." Mugger:"Alright lady now give me your purse." Phoebe:"No." Ross:"What do you mean 'No', I knew you'd be my death Phoebe Buffay!" Phoebe Looks closer at the mugger. Phoebe:"Lole, is that you!" Phoebe Give the mugger a hug.

    2nd Phoebe:"I just wanted to apologize, and show you something I think you'll find very exciting." Phoebe pulls out a box. Ross:"Oh My God Crap From The Street!" hahahaha!!!