Season 7 Episode 6

The One with the Nap Partners

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2000 on NBC

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  • One of my most favorite episodes of Friends with really fun storyline for each of the six especially the nap-partners.

    I always like the continuous gag of Ross and Joey be involved in scenarios that make them a gay couple like TOW The stoned Guy , TOW Barry and Mindy's Wedding or The One Hundredth but this one is the most hilarious Joey/Ross gag. Phoebe/Rachel's competition is quite hilarious and the Chandler/Monica scenes are also quite good.

    It starts of with Monica telling Rachel and Phoebe that they should decide who is to be Mon's maid of honor. So they compete with each other and as per Joey's suggestion, have it like an audition. Ross and Joey fall asleep together while watching Die Hard, after Chandler (thankfully) leaves when Joey calls him a b[beep]tch They decide not to talk about it but then later on admit to each other that they loved the nap. Joey and Ross are the judges while Phoebe and Rachel take the audition for the maid of honor and Phoebe uses the guys' weakness for (good old American girl on girl) to win. After realizing how much it meant for Rachel to be Monica's maid of honor since high school, Phoebe tells her to take the position just before Rachel realizing how much neurotic Monica can get, and tells the amused Phoebe that Monica would be her maid of honor when she does marry.Chandler in high school broke up with a girl because she was faaaaat which doesn't please Monica , so she asks him to apologize to the girl to which he complies but things manage to get messy. Ross and Joey finally have the nap again only to be humiliatingly caught by the rest of the gang in one of funniest credit scenes in Friends. Ross's not so pleasant 'excuse me' in the end is hilarious.