Season 9 Episode 3

The One with the Pediatrician

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2002 on NBC

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    A very good installment of season nine. We've got some emotion, development and hilarity here, you run of the mill great season 9 episode. Phoebe was one of the only characters that remained consistent throughout the series and never was exaggerated (i.e. Monica, Joey, and Ross all exaggerated after season 6) In this episode we didn't see Monica taking Chandler for granted and basically she didn't undermine him like she usually does in the later seasons, and we got some great relationship development with Chandler going to Tulsa and Monica wanting to go with him. Her choosing the job over him was kind of disappointing, but I guess we can't have the show without Monica.

    Phoebe meets Mike based on coincidence when Joey sets up Phoebe with a random guy, soon to be soul mate which was ironic looking back on this episode. Ross seeing his pediatrician was hilarious and we've got great interactions from Ross & Rachel. Great episode overall, great installment.
  • One of the best from season nine.

    My favorite thing about this episode was the storyline with Chandler and Monica. It wasn't the funniest of storylines, but I thought it was sweet, interesting and charming. Initially Monica has no plans of staying in New York when Chandler goes to Tulsa, but when she is given a great job offer she can't help but accept it. I can understand why she chose to stay, it's not like Chandler is leaving to pursuit his dream carreer and it's a great chance for Monica to advance in hers. Chandler seems to realise this and accept it, in spite of an initial remark that while he is more important to her than her current job, he's less important than her new one. Monica however assures him before he leaves that he is the most important thing in her life, but this is just something she's got to do. The storyline brings a few laugh but also some feel-good moments.

    The storyline I thought was the second best in this episode was the one with Rachel's search for a new pediatrician. To be honest I didn't like most of it; I think it was just too ridiculous with Ross still seeing his pediatrician (and wanting a lollipop!) but there is one scene which really lifts it. The scene where Rachel keeps calling Dr. Weener in the middle of the night was hilarious, much thanks to the excellent comic performance by Jennifer Aniston. It's some of her best work, throughout the entire course of the show. The lines weren't that funny, but Aniston made them funny.

    The last storyline of the episode was okay, but not as good as the other two. It is however the first appearence of Phoebe's future husband. I felt the whole thing with Joey and Phoebe setting each other up on dates was kind of dull, and surely Joey would have fessed up before dragging along some guy he doesn't even know. I did however get a good laugh from the scene where Mike plays air piano.

  • Phoebe finally meets her soul mate.

    Good episode! Joey looks for a Mike and finds one in the coffee house. Joey pretends he and Mike knew from high school and makes these jokes to make Mike look bad. He totally forgot about his date with that one girl and he doesn't even care. Ross is so funny when he meets that girl and he gets called in and asks for Ross Jr to find out the kid he said it to was the woman's he met. Lol. That was funny. Chandler goes to Tulsa with Monica still in New York because of her new job offer.
  • Pheobe meets her future hubby.....

    well....i think this episode is just great.

    but i will only be focusing mainly on pheobe....

    Pheobe and Joey agree to find blind dates for each other...on the day of the date pheobe reminds joey and is excited! Joey forgot so he goes to the coffee shop and finds Mike hannigan and convinces him to come on this date....

    Pheobe finds out on the date that Joe forgot and got some random person and storms out.

    The Next day or so later Mike sees Pheobe in the coffee sop and asks her out after talking a bit...

    And they hit it off.....

    It is so sweet...
  • This is by far the funnyest epsode eva

    This is so funny tht i was still alughing 2 hours after watching it and people kept thinking i was wired. the [ar t that i would recemend the funnest would be when joey ges in the coffee shop looking for some sone called Mike and just shouts out Mike in the middle of the shop, luckely he find someone.

    Later he goes on the date with phoebe and then Mike finally finds out where he knows joey form, joes tries to cover it up by saying that they are playing this game, phoebe catches on but realises that she likes Mike and doesnt care.

    Earlyer in the episode is also funny but not as funny as the Joey part, Rachel finds out that Ross still Goes to ee his perdiertrion that Ros said he was dead.

    If you want a fine episode of Friends then i would recemend this episode hands down.