Season 9 Episode 3

The One with the Pediatrician

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2002 on NBC

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  • This is by far the funnyest epsode eva

    This is so funny tht i was still alughing 2 hours after watching it and people kept thinking i was wired. the [ar t that i would recemend the funnest would be when joey ges in the coffee shop looking for some sone called Mike and just shouts out Mike in the middle of the shop, luckely he find someone.

    Later he goes on the date with phoebe and then Mike finally finds out where he knows joey form, joes tries to cover it up by saying that they are playing this game, phoebe catches on but realises that she likes Mike and doesnt care.

    Earlyer in the episode is also funny but not as funny as the Joey part, Rachel finds out that Ross still Goes to ee his perdiertrion that Ros said he was dead.

    If you want a fine episode of Friends then i would recemend this episode hands down.
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