Season 3 Episode 1

The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1996 on NBC

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  • An average season opener.

    This episode is not one of the best, but it's far from one of the worst. It's a medium episode, with some interesting scenes.

    Joey has to try and get along with Janice, since Chandler is now in love with her. What he really wants to do is break her and Chandler up, but Joey has always proven to be a real friend and this is no exception. Even though he loathes Janice he makes an effort to get along with her, for Chandler's sake. Chandler seems quite disappointed with Joey's negative thoughts of Janice, but towards the end he seems to appreciate that Joey at least tried. Can't ask for more than that, right?

    Meanwhile Rachel wants Ross to tell her about one of his sexual fantasies so that she can reenact it for him. Ross finds it a bit awkward, but finally tells her about a fantasy he's had with Princess Leiah in a gold bikini. Rachel tells Phoebe about it and Ross is upset, which is no wonder. I really don't like Rachel in this episode, for somehow she turns it around on Ross and makes him be the one who's wrong. She's just blabbered about something that is very personal to him and she can't own up to that but has to pin it on him. One of the biggest reasons why I didn't like Ross and Rachel together was that she always did this to him, made him take the blame even when she had done something bad to him.

    While all of this is going on, Monica is going through the early stages of break-up anxiety over Richard. The storyline makes sense, as anyone would be devastated after breaking up for a reason that has nothing to do with love or trust, but unfortunately this storyline got too depressing for a sit-com. And I found it pretty weird that in the opening scene she is happy and acting like normal, when she's in such a depressed state in the rest of the episode.

    The storyline picks up though towards the end, when Jack Geller shows up to see how she is doing. While Judy Geller was a terrible mother, Jack always seemed to care a lot about Monica, and I love the little glimpses we get of that.
  • Ten years old but still hasn't lost it's spark!

    This episode is ten years old now... can you believe it? Since this is the episode that got me into Friends it will always have a special place in my heart.

    And what's not to like? Ross's princess Leia fantasy, Monica's withdrawl symptoms and let's not forget Joey and Janice's day of fun :D

    If you're trying to get someone into Friends I would definately recommend this episode. It's arrived at the point of the show where all the characters have really developed and it has no loose stories hanging in the air (Like most season openers do have). Small note though: this episode would have gotten a ten from me if it wasn't for this guy in the audience. If you get the chance to watch this episode again listen carefully each time you hear the audience laugh. There is one guy in there that does this "ooooowwwh" noise constantly. Once you hear it, it's all you can hear. I can't believe that made it on the DVD :S

    Other than that: two thumbs waaaaay up!
  • another good episode.

    this episode is all about ross and rachael. now that they are back together, their sex live is better than ever. they do some of rachaels fantasies and then she asks ross what his is. it was star wars with princess leia in a gold bikini. so rachael tells all the girls and then ross walks in and is embarresed. chandler talks with ross and they talk abot what happens to them in bed about accidently visulising their moms. however in this episode i can't remember what joey, monica, rachael, or chandler do so it isn't that spectacular. lol lol.
  • "I'll just get some sleep, or go to a galaxy, far, far away" - Monica

    The third season opener! This episode was great. It did not disappoint. Basically Monica can't sleep because of her breakup with Richard. I like how Phoebe tries to help her. And how everything revolves around Ross fantasy that Rachel tells the girls. I like how they make fun of him too. Chandler & Janice!? He actually liked her this time, I guess Janice will be in a whole lot more episodes this season. Poor Joey, making a sacrifice for a friend. Having to go through "A Day of Fun" with Janice. Like the ending too. Ross imagines his mom? A great season opener!
  • "Joey and Janice's DAY OF FUN!" - Janice

    Another season of Friends. Chandler is dating Janice and Joey can't stand her (something that is understandable). So Janice suggest that they spend a whole day together.
    Monica just broke up with Richard and can't sleep. So Phoebe tries to relax her. Nothing works untill her father tells her that Richard is also really bad.
    Ross and Rachel talk about fantasies and Ross tells he has this fantasy about Princess Leia and the gold bikini. Rachel talks about it with Phoebe and she says every guy loves that. Ross tries to bond and share with Chandler and ends up having his life ruined.

    Great episode, but reading the reviews below I was relieved to find I wasn't the only one who noticed the annoying guy in the audience. Every time someone says something funny, while the rest of the audience laughs, this guy goes "woooOOOOOOoooo." It's sort of a cat-call, the kind of response you might expect after a really risqu joke, except that he makes this noise at inappropriate times, and it sort of ruins some nice comic moments. For example, when everyone tells Monica that she needs to get some rest, she says "I need to get some Richard." It's not a sexy joke, it's just a witty reference to the cause of her misery, but the moron in the audience goes "woooOOOOOOoooo" as though she's just said something provocative. It happens numerous times throughout this episode, it it kind of ruins it for me. I'm surprised they didn't pick it up in editing, or at least fix it for the DVD release.