Season 3 Episode 1

The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: In the opening scene, when the gang walks into Central Perk, the couch is occupied by writers who contributed to Season 3 of Friends.

    • Goof: Although the Princess Leia "cinnamon bun" hairstyle is very recognizable, her hair was not in that style when she wore the gold bikini, as Rachel's (and Judy's) is. Instead, her hair was pulled back and held with an ornamental clasp, then formed into a single braid which hung over her shoulder.

    • Trivia: Rachel's "Princess Leia" gold bikini is not an exact copy of the original, which showed a bit more skin.

    • Goof: When Monica answers the door and sees her father, she says, "Hey Dad, what are you doing here?" However, her lips barely move at all and the line sounds like a voice-over.

    • Trivia: When Chandler and Ross are sharing and Chandler mentions the girl at the Xerox place with the belly button ring, Ross agrees that he sometimes pictures her. This is the same girl that Ross sleeps with later in the season when he and Rachel are "on a break".

    • Goof: Monica is supposed to be all depressed in this episode, because of her breakup with Richard. But in the very first scene she looks perfectly fine when walking into Central Perk discovering the people sitting in their usual spots.

    • Trivia: In this episode it's noticeable that Jennifer Aniston did some exercise between seasons. Her face looks thinner and overall she appears toned.

    • Goof: In the scene where Janice tells Chandler about "Joey and Janice's day of fun" the position of her hair changes from in front of her shoulders to behind between shots.

    • Goof: At Monica and Rachel's, Ross gets a chocolate ice-cream bar out of the freezer and takes a bite. In the very next shot, however, the ice-cream bar is whole again.

  • Quotes

    • Ross: Yeah, she finally stopped crying yesterday, but then she found one of Richard's cigar butts out on the terrace ...
      Phoebe: Oh, okay, that explains it. I got a call at two in the morning, but all I could hear was, like, this high squeaky sound, so I thought, okay it's, like, a mouse or a possum. But then I realized, like, okay, where would a mouse or a possum get the money to make the phone call?

    • Janice: (to Joey) Someone's wearing grumpy pants.
      Chandler: Don't look at me, man. I'm wearing smarty pants.

    • Chandler: I cannot believe I'm going out with somebody who's getting divorced. I'm such a grownup. Joey! Hey! Go to your room!
      Joey: Chandler! Hey! Up yours!

    • Janice: I gotta go, I gotta go... Okay, not without a kiss...
      Chandler: Well, maybe I won't kiss you, and then you'll have to stay.
      Joey: (under his breath) Kiss her! Kiss her!

    • Joey: So... when you dumpin' her?
      Chandler: Nope! Not this time.
      Joey: C'mon, quit yankin' me!
      Chandler: I'm not yanking you.

    • Monica: (coming back from the bathroom) God, look what I found in the drain.
      Rachel: What?
      Monica: It's some of Richard's hair... What do I do with this?
      Ross: Getting it away from me would be job one.
      Monica: It's weird, but y'know what? ...I don't wanna throw this away. I mean, this is, like, all I have left of him... gross, drain hair... Ooh! (drops it in Ross's cereal)

    • Ross: You need to get some sleep.
      Monica: I need to get some Richard.

    • Monica: I'm just so tired of missing him. I'm tired of wondering why hasn't he called. Why hasn't he called?!!
      Phoebe: Maybe, because you told him not to...?
      Monica: What are you, the memory woman?

    • Joey: They're not breaking up! Chandler and Janice--they're not breaking up! ...He didn't blink or anything.
      Rachel: Well, y'know, I'm not surprised. I mean, have you seen them together? They're really cute.
      Joey: Cute?! This is Janice!

    • Rachel: (about Chandler seeing Janice) Yes, Joey, I remember--she's annoying... but y'know what? She's his girlfriend now. I mean, what can we do?
      Joey: There you go! That's the spirit I'm looking for! What can we do? Huh? Alright, who's first--Ross?
      Ross: Well, I'm thinking that Chandler's our friend and Janice makes him happy... So, I say we all just be adult about it and accept her.
      Joey: (sneering) Yeah. We'll call that "Plan B", alright?

    • Rachel: Did you ever do the... the Leia thing?
      Phoebe: Oh, yeah, uh-huh. (shivers delightedly) Ooh!
      Rachel: Really! That... that great, huh?
      Phoebe: No, it's just that I got this new pager and I have it on vibrate.

    • (Joey is watching "Wheel of Fortune", the letters read _OUNT RUSH _ORE)
      Joey: This guy is so stupid. (shouting at the TV) It's Count Rushmore!!
      Chandler: Y'know, you should really go on this show.
      (Later in the scene)
      Chandler: Oh, and by the way, there is no "Count Rushmore"!
      Joey: Yeah? Then who's the guy who painted the faces on the mountain?!

    • Chandler: This may be the real thing, capital R, capital T! (seeing Joey staring blankly) Don't worry, those are the right letters!

    • Ross: (about his Princess Leia fantasy) Look, that was supposed to be like a private, personal thing between us.
      Rachel: Okay, Ross--Phoebe is my girlfriend, okay? We tell each other everything! Y'know, I mean, c'mon... guys do the same thing... I mean, what about all that locker room stuff?
      Ross: That's different, okay? That's like, uh... "Who dated a stripper?" or... "Who did it on the back of the Staton Island Ferry?"
      Rachel: Were both of those Joey?
      Ross: Yeah... Look, you don't, you don't talk about like, y'know, your girlfriend and the intimate stuff you, you do with her...
      Rachel: Not even with your best friend?
      Ross: No!
      Rachel: That is so sad... You're missing out on so much, Ross. I mean, the bonding and the sharing, y'know? ...And, and knowing that someone else is going through the same thing you are...?
      Ross: Hmm. So, what? You, you tell each other everything?
      Rachel: Pretty much.
      Ross: Did you talk about the night of five times? Do you tell people about the night of five times?
      Rachel: Uh, honey... that was with Carol.
      Ross: I know, but it's still worth mentioning, I think.

    • Monica: (about picturing herself with Richard) I'm sorry, but that's my happy place.
      Phoebe: Well, okay, fine. Use my happy place. Okay, I'm just ... I'm gonna have to ask that you don't move anything in there.
      Monica: Okay, I'll try not to.
      Phoebe: Okay. Alright, so, you're in a meadow, millions of stars in the sky...
      Monica: Do you think breaking up with him was a huge mistake?
      Phoebe: Okay, there are no questions in the happy place. Okay? Just the warm breeze, and the moonlight flowing through the trees...
      Monica: I'll bet he's totally over me! I'll bet he's fine!
      Phoebe: Alright, betting and wagering of any kind are, I'm sure, not permitted in the happy place.

    • Janice: (knocking) Guess who?!
      Joey: (opens the door) Janice! Hi! You just missed Chandler, but won't you come in before you go?

    • Janice: So, I hear... you hate me!
      Joey: I, ah... I never said hate... I was very careful about that.
      Janice: A little birdie told me something about you wanting to rip your arm off and throw it at me.
      Joey: You got hate from that? ...You're takin' a big leap there.

    • Janice: (about Joey spending the day with her) Alright! This is what we're gonna call it... "Joey and Janice's day of fun!"
      Joey: Ooh! Does it have to be a whole day...?
      Janice: Yes, because that's how long it takes to love me...
      Joey: (mostly to himself) I know... I sleep in the next room.

    • Ross: (to Chandler) I said share, not scare! (pointing) Go sit over there.

    • Joey: Oh, hey, Chandler, we, ah... we stopped by the coffee shop and ran into Ross.
      Chandler: Oh, God!
      Joey: Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I do it too...
      Chandler: Really?
      Joey: Oh yeah... I always picture your Mom when I'm having sex.

    • Rachel: (to Ross, who is hallucinating that it is his mother in the gold bikini) Well what is it? C'mon, sweetie, you're like... freakin' me out here.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Janice comes into Chandler and Joey's apartment, she sings, "Monica and Rachel had syrup...". The melody of her little song is from "Every Night is Date Night in Hawaii", by Annette Funicello from her album HawaiiAnnette.

    • Chandler: Okay, well y'know... y'know when you're in bed... with a woman... and, uh, y'know, you're fooling around with her.... and you get all these, like, mental images in your brain... y'know, like Elle MacPherson or that girl at the Xerox place....
      Elle Macpherson is an Australian supermodel and actress. She is most famous worldwide for her four cover appearances on Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. In the worlds-collide department, she appears on Friends in Season 6 as Janine, Joey's new roommate.

    • Monica: ...or maybe to a galaxy far, far away...
      This references the scrolling introduction to Star Wars, a 1977 sci-fi/fantasy film by George Lucas. The introduction begins, "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

    • Phoebe: Where is my strong Ross Skywalker to come rescue me?
      Phoebe is pretending to be Princess Leia and alludes to Luke Skywalker, a fictional character in the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas.

    • Joey: Wheel!
      Chandler: Of!
      Joey: Fortune!
      Wheel of Fortune is an American television game show created by Merv Griffin.

    • Ross: Did you ever see Return of the Jedi?
      Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi is a 1983 science fantasy film written by George Lucas. It is the third film to be released in the Star Wars saga, and the sixth and final in terms of internal chronology. Princess Leia, one of the main characters, was infamous for her gold bikini worn in Return of the Jedi and her hair affectionately called the "donut hair" or "cinnamon buns" by many Star Wars fans.

    • Ross: I have to say "Tupelo Honey" by Van Morrison.
      Rachel: No way! The most romantic song ever was "The Way We Were."
      Phoebe: Uh, see I think the one that Elton John wrote for, um, that guy on Who's The Boss?
      Rachel: What song was that, Pheebs?
      Phoebe: (singing) Hold me close, young Tony Danza.
      Van Morrison is a singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland. "Tupelo Honey" is a popular song from his 1971 album, Tupelo Honey.
      "The Way We Were" is the title song to the 1973 movie The Way We Were, starring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford.
      "Hold me close young Tony Danza" is a play on Elton John's song "Tiny Dancer." The actual lyrics are "Hold me closer tiny dancer." Phoebe confuses the phrase "tiny dancer" with Tony Danza, star of the television sitcom "Who's the Boss?".

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