Season 2 Episode 14

The One with the Prom Video

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 1996 on NBC

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  • Amazing episode! My favorite of the whole series.

    I just love TOW the Prom Video! First of all, we get to see Fat Monica for the first time. Courteney did such a great job in the fat suit! And teenage Ross and Rachel are hilarious. Joey and Chandler have a great sub-plot. Only Joey would buy something like that for another man. Also I love when Rachel and Ross and talking and she says “accept that”. I know it’s sad for Ross, but I just love that moment.
    But the best part of the whole episode is without a doubt, the ending. The look on Rachel's face when she realizes how far back Ross's love for her went and what he did is amazing. And the kiss, well, how could they not kiss? Finally Rachel realizes who she's meant to be with (although it does take 9 more years to finalize it.) I'm happy this episode was #1 for the fan favorites. David Schwimmer's got good taste!