Season 2 Episode 14

The One with the Prom Video

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 1996 on NBC

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  • A pure classic from the early days of "Friends."

    One of the most beloved episodes in the series' history is the real start to a long-term relationship between Ross and Rachel. The two came close earlier in the season, but Ross' list comparing Julie and Rachel downed the initial possibility. In this episode, an ever-appreciative Joey gives Chandler $812 as a thank you for helping him with bills and money for the past several years, but to show Chandler how much he means to him, he also gives him a "Best Buds" bracelet that Chandler hates from the start. But the real treasure to this episode is in the title, as Monica stumbles upon her's and Rachel's old prom video. The uproarious video offers insight to Rachel and her old nose, Monica at her fattest, and Ross, sporting a mustache and a 'Mr. Kotter' style hair-do, also in his early keyboard playing days. The video reveals to the gang just how much Ross loved Rachel then, as well as revealing to them how much Ross loves Rachel now. The first episode to reveal several of the Friends at a younger age is hilarious at sight and beautiful at heart, and proves that Ross really is "Rachel's lobster."