Season 2 Episode 14

The One with the Prom Video

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Monica says that the camera adds ten pounds. That is actually true; the reason being that the camera only has "one eye". With two eyes, we see "around" objects to a degree, so with only a one-eyed perspective, objects (and people) will appear wider than they really are.

    • Continuity: In "The One with All the Thanksgivings" during the 1987 flashback (which takes place in the Autumn of Ross and Chandler's freshman year of college), Chandler calls Monica fat and she stops eating almost immediately. In the Thanksgiving 1988 flashback, one year later, she is down to her current, slender build. If the prom video is from the end of Chandler and Ross's freshman year in 1988, you have to wonder when Monica started to lose all the weight for Thanksgiving of that same year, only 5 or 6 months away.

    • Continuity: In this episode, Monica's parents take her belongings to her apartment, so they can turn her bedroom into a gym. However, in "The One Where Rosita Dies", her belongings are stored in her parent's garage.

    • Goof: In the video, when Monica's date Roy walks out of the room and says "I'm gonna kick Chip's ass," a man with a boom mic is briefly visible sitting on the floor behind him.

    • Continuity: Chandler should not have been surprised by Monica's weight in the video, since as we learn in "The One with All the Thanksgivings", he first met her in 1987 when she was still fat. What's more, he shouldn't have been surprised to see Rachel's original nose ("That's what they use to cover Connecticut") since in "The One Where the Stripper Cries", he not only met her, but even kissed her--and this was before she got her nose job.

    • Continuity: Chandler seems incredulous at Ross's statement that he's going to spend the summer "working on his music." Since this is the end of Ross and Chandler's freshman year in college, Ross and Chandler have already started their band and talked about it in "The One with All the Thanksgivings".

    • Goof: When Monica turns off the prom video, the reflection on the TV shows her getting up. But in the next scene she is sitting down.

    • Continuity: Joey was surprised that Monica was fat in high school, but he has already seen fat Monica in her yearbook in "The One Where the Monkey Gets Away".

    • Goof: When Phoebe tells Chandler that a girl is "checking him out" she says she is sitting at 11 o'clock. That would only be true from Phoebe's perspective. She would actually be at Chandler's 5 o'clock, since Chandler's back is to her.

    • Trivia: When Ross, Monica and Phoebe see the gaudy bracelet Joey gave Chandler, they all make fun of him. Chandler just takes the abuse, as though he had picked out the bracelet for himself. The normal thing would be to tell them it was an embarrassing gift from Joey and get their sympathy rather than their derision. These things only happen on television.

  • Quotes

    • Chandler: (about an envelope Joey's just handed him) What's this...?
      Joey: Eight hundred and twelve bucks!
      Chandler: Well, I dunno what Big Leon told ya, but it's an even thousand if you want me for the whole night.

    • Joey: (about the bracelet he gave Chandler) You have any idea what this'll do for your sex life?
      Chandler: Well, it'll probably slow it down at first, but once I get used to the extra weight, I'll be back on track.

    • Interviewer: (looking at Monica's résumé) Well, this all looks good.
      Monica: Great.
      Interviewer: And if I want to call for a reference on your last job?
      Monica: (pointing to the résumé) Oh, that's there on the bottom... See the manager, Chandler Bing.

    • Ross: (on the phone, taking a message for Rachel) ...and how do we spell Casey? Is it like "at the bat" or "and the Sunshine Band"? (listens for a moment) ...Okay, bye-bye... (hangs up) Say, who's this, uh, this Casey?
      Phoebe: Oh, some guy she met at the movies.
      Ross: Oh, really? What, uh, what does he want with her?
      Chandler: Well I'm guessing he wants to do a little dance... Y'know, make a little love... Well, pretty much get down tonight.

    • Phoebe: (about Ross's chances of being with Rachel) Hang in there, it's gonna happen.
      Ross: Okay, now how do you know that?
      Phoebe: Because she's your lobster.

    • Monica: Oh yeah, well there's the possibility that I won't make rent.
      Ross: Monica, if you want, I can lend you some money.
      Monica: No, no, no. If I couldn't pay you back right away, then I'd feel guilty and tense every time I saw you.
      Ross: Oh, okay... Well then why don't you, uh... why don't you borrow it from Mom and Dad? You feel guilty and tense around them already--you might as well make some money off o' them.

    • (Jack and Judy arrive at Monica's with several large boxes)
      Monica: So, what's this?
      Jack: Some of your old stuff.
      Judy: Well sweetie, we have a surprise for you... We're turning your room into a gym.
      Monica: Wow, that is a surprise. Just one little question, uh... why not Ross's room?
      Jack: Gosh, we talked about that, but your brother has so many science trophies... and plaques... and merit badges... Well, we didn't wanna disturb them.
      Monica: (facetiously) Oh, God forbid!

    • Phoebe: (to Chandler in Central Perk) Ooh, okay, you gotta give me a second, I want to get this just right... (tugs at her belt, clears her throat and sniffs, then in her best male voice) Dude, eleven o'clock... totally hot babe checking you out...
      (Chandler looks around at the girl)
      Phoebe: (grinning and in her normal voice) That was really good! ...I think I'm ready for my penis now!

    • Ross: (to Phoebe about Rachel talking to a guy) Would you look at that guy? I mean how long has he been talking to her?
      Phoebe: I dunno... a couple minutes.
      Ross: Yeah? Try doubling that... It's like, back off buddy, she's a waitress not a geisha.

    • Ross: (after scaring off the guy Rachel was talking with) I was saving you.
      Rachel: Saving me from the nice conversation with the interesting man, saving me?

    • Ross: No, no, you're, uh, you're my lobster... See, um, lobsters... uh, in the tank when, when they're old, uh, they get with, uh... they walk around holding the claws--in the tank, y'know? ...with, with the holding and... Uh, Pheebs... you wanna help me out with the, the whole lobster thing?

    • Joey: If you hated the bracelet so much Chandler, you shoulda just said so.
      Chandler: Well, doesn't the fact that I wore the bracelet--even though I hated it--say something about our friendship and how much it means to me?
      Joey: What about the fact that you insulted the bracelet and you made fun of me?
      Chandler: Okay, well, that's the part where I'm a wank.

    • Ross: (arriving at Monica's and spotting his parents) Hey guys...
      Judy: Hi, darling. Where's my grandson? You didn't bring him?
      Ross: No, he's at, uh... (kisses Judy) ...Carol's and Susan's today.
      Jack: A woman in my office is a lesbian. (seeing Judy roll her eyes) I'm just saying...

    • Ross: (handing Monica a check) Here you go. You can pay me back whenever you like.
      Monica: You have dinosaur checks?
      Ross: Yeah, yeah. I mean, you get your money and you learn a little something. What's wrong with that?
      Monica: Nothing, nothing. (checking the amount) Hey, you're a cheap-osaurus! ...I'm kidding, I'm kidding... (hugs him) Thank-you, I'm very grateful.

    • Phoebe: (holding up a voluminous garment from a box of Monica's things) What's this?
      Monica: That's my bathing suit from high school... (embarrassed) I was a little bigger then.
      Chandler: Oh, I thought that's what they used to cover Connecticut when it rained...

    • Joey: (watching the prom video) What is with your nose?
      Rachel: (self-consciously) They had to reduce it because of my... deviated septum...
      Chandler: Okay, I was wrong. That's what they used to cover Connecticut...

    • Joey: (seeing overweight Monica on the video) Some girl ate Monica!
      Monica: Shut up, the camera adds ten pounds.
      Chandler: Ah, so how many cameras are actually on you?

    • Joey: (seeing Ross in the prom video with an afro and mustache) Lookin' good, Mr. Kotter!

    • (Rachel is so moved by seeing Ross's feelings for her in the video, she walks over and kisses him)
      Phoebe: He's her lobster!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Title:
      Czech Republic: Domácí video (Home Video)

    • That lobsters mate for life is a popular myth. In reality, their mating cycle is from one to two weeks and then they move on (sorry, Phoebe). It is of particular interest that some authorities on the subject refer to this episode of Friends as the source for this common misconception.

    • The song that Ross plays on his keyboard in the prom video is "Axel F" by Harold Faltermeyer. The song is from the 1984 action/comedy Beverly Hills Cop. Faltermeyer shared a Grammy for the soundtrack album. "Axel F", of course, refers to "Axel Foley", the character played by Eddie Murphy in the movie.

    • In a 2004 Entertainment Weekly interview, David Schwimmer said this was his favorite episode because of the comedic and emotional origins of the Ross and Rachel relationship, as well as the exchange between Monica and Chandler as she defends her weight on the video.

    • Elliott Gould (Jack Geller) is credited as a "special appearance."

    • Christina Pickles (Judy Geller) received the "and" credit.

    • In filming this episode, Michael Bower, who plays Monica's prom date, was 20 years old, while Courteney Cox was 31.

    • In an interview it was said that on the first day of shooting when Courteney Cox put on the "Fat Monica" costume and make-up, Matthew Perry just walked past her without recognizing her.

    • #1 in "NBC's 6 Favorite Friends Episodes Countdown"

      #2 in "UK's 6 Favorite Friends Episodes Countdown"

    • According to James Michael Tyler (Gunther), the original script for this episode would have featured Gunther as Bryce on All My Children on a TV in the background. Several episodes later in "The One Where Eddie Won't Go", Joey tells Gunther that his character, "Dr. Drake Ramoray" fell down an elevator shaft; Gunther commiserates saying that he used to play Bryce on All My Children, but his character was buried in an avalanche.

    • This particular episode was named as one of TV Guide's Funniest Moments and Greatest Episodes in TV History.

    • This episode runs 23:45 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

  • Allusions

    • Monica: You know, Roy saw Star Wars 317 times. His name was in the paper.
      The 1977 film Star Wars was the first in a series of epic science fiction-fantasy films set in a fictional universe and created by writer/producer/director George Lucas.

    • Jack Gellar: You know, that Steffi Graf has quite a tush. I'm just saying! It's right there.

      Steffi Graf is a former World No. 1 ranked female tennis player from Germany. She is generally considered to be one of the greatest female tennis players of all time.

    • Chandler: (to Joey in Central Perk) Hey, man, we were just doing some impressions over here... Do your Marcel Marceau.
      (Offended, Joey leaves without saying a word)
      Chandler: (to Phoebe) That's actually good...
      Marcel Marceau, born in France, is perhaps the most recognized mime in the world, and as such, has become an icon for the performance art.

    • Phoebe: (after seeing Chandler's gaudy bracelet) No, it's fun. It's fun. It's kinda like knowing one of the Gabor sisters.
      The Gabor sisters are three famous Hungarian actresses named Magda, Zsa Zsa, and Eva. Their claim to fame is that of serial matrimony. They have been married six, eight, and five times respectively.

    • Ross: And how do we spell Casey? Is it like "at the bat" or "and the Sunshine Band"?
      Casey at the Bat is a poem on the subject of baseball, written in 1888 by Ernest Thayer.
      KC & the Sunshine Band is an American disco/dance/pop group founded in 1973.

      : Well, I'm guessing he wants to do a little dance... Y'know, make a little love... Well, pretty much get down tonight.
      Chandler is quoting KC & the Sunshine Band's first No. 1 hit, "Get Down Tonight".

    • Joey: Lookin' good, Mr. Kotter!
      This is a reference to Gabe Kaplan who played the title character in the 70's TV show Welcome Back, Kotter, and like Ross in the flashback, had bushy dark hair and a mustache.

    • Ross: No, no-no-no, it's not flashy... not for a Goodfella!
      Goodfellas is a 1990 Martin Scorsese film in which the men known as "Goodfellas", wore flashy clothes and jewelry.

    • Chandler: Oh, yeah-- easy for you to say! don't have to walk around sporting some reject from the Mr. T collection!
      Mr. T is a pro-wrestler turned actor who is best known for his appearance in the 1982 film Rocky III and for playing the character "B. A. Baracus" in the 80's hit TV show The A Team.

    • Chandler: You know he could have gotten me a VCR... he could have gotten me a set of golf clubs--but no! ...he has to get me the woman-repeller... the eyesore from the Liberace house of crap!
      Liberace was a flamboyant pianist, who always wore a lot of bright jewelery.