Season 6 Episode 24

The One with the Proposal (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 18, 2000 on NBC

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  • Chandler plans to propose to Monica at dinner, but his plans go awry when Richard shows up. Phoebe and Joey join Rachel at a charity auction.

    Great episode and a to be continued one. After all this time he is finally going to propose. Was Richard dating that other girl. I loved at the end when Richard was like I still love you and Monic a was like oh my god! Chandler was so funny when he was like what is the point of getting married and Joey buying that boat. I wonder where he got the money. I can't believe Ross and Elizabeth broke up!
  • The silent auction.

    I think Rachel's plot sort of overpowered Monica & Chandler's plot, because it was so funny. On Monica & Chandler's plot. Chandler attempts to propose but later fails when Richard gets in the picture. That wasn't lucky. I like when at the end, everyone wants to see her hand. "Your too late, she already through out the garbage!" - Phoebe. Rachel's plot was amazingly funny. Joey accidentaly is the highest bid, and through the episode, their trying not to pay for it, but in the end. Joey wants the boat. To the unintentional persuasion of Rachel to the other highest bidder. Drunk Phoebe is hilarious.
  • An exciting episode...will Monica choose Richard or Chandler?

    In an amazing finale, Chandler takes Monica out to dinner, with hopes to propose marriage...until something, or someone gets in his way. Richard appears at the same restaurant and ends up recollecting old times wih Monica all night. Obviously, the proposal does not happen. Instead, Chandler decides--to throw Monica off--to express his distate for marriage. Little does he know that Richard comes to Monica's restaurant and asks her to marry him, he is ready for marriage and even children. As part one progresses (though part 1 and 2 were shown on the same night), the audience wonders: will Monica marry Richard or take a chance on Chandler? Ultimately, the end is satisfying for most viewers. Meanwhile, Joey and Pheobe accompany Rachel at a charity event, where Joey wins a sailboat that he cannot afford! Great episode!
  • To be continued...

    In the first part of the season finale, Chandler is finally ready to propose to Monica, and nothing can spoil their dinner. While Monica has no idea what is happening, the friends are all happy, and can't wait to congratulate the happy couple. The confusion start on the dinner, where Richard shows up out of nowhere, with a date, and spoils the night, so Chandler doesn't propose. Although I hated Richard for doing this, I guess this is a quite good story before Chandler and Monica finally get engaged. The scenes where the friends want to congratulate Monica and Chandler for their engagment are reaaaly funny. Meawhile, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe attend a charity auction, where Phoebe keeps on drinking, and Joey buys a boat, thinking it's only a game. I loooved this episode, it was really well written, and I can't wait for the second part of the episode.