Season 6 Episode 25

The One with the Proposal (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 18, 2000 on NBC

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  • not the best, but not the worst

    the first thing i noteced was that this was the only season finally that didn't end in some sort of cliff hanger, and didn't end with all the friends dancing in the water, also i think it focused to much on monica, and chandler though i did like their scenes, there where only a few with phoebe, rachel, and Ross, though there where some with joey, and his new boat. and another i don't get isw how come ross was the only one who wasn't there when chandler praposed to monica. it seems unneccissary. however i did like the scene where he praposed, and you though she had left, then you see her with all the candles. then she gets down, and praposed. one of the best scenes ever shot in the series
  • Chandler finally proposes to Monica!!

    I saw this episode on a DVD and I loved it so much I started crying. I knew Chandler and Monica were going to get married but I had no idea it was going to be that emotional. Monica and Chandler aren't even my favorite characters on Friends and I still cried. It was great and emotional. It is one of the best Friends episode ever. If the proposal was that emotional I can't even imangine the wedding. I would have never expected Richard to come back and if someone would have told me he did and I hadn't seen the episode I never would have believed them. I can't believe he was so sweet and let Chandler just have her. Did he really love her?
  • Monica struggles to decide between Richard and Chandler. Meanwhile, Rachel and Phoebe discuss their backup plans if they are not married before the time they're 40.

    Great episode and the season finale. Monica chooses Chandler over Richard. I couldn't believe it when Richard came back and told Monica he loves her and wants to marry her and have children with her. I was like oh my god!!! And Monica almost kissed him. Chandler's plan didn't really work with Richard. Joey is so funny with his boat. Rachel and Phoebe have good back up plans. I was so glad at the end with Monica and Chandler and their weird proposal but they are still getting married!!
  • Who will she choose?

    Well, it looks like Richard beat Chandler to the punch. Richard proposes to Monica. I think they really overused the Monica & Richard scenes. It sort of took up most of the episode. Hilarious line: "Why don't they put chairs back here!?" - Monica. Rahcel & Phoebe having backups was sort of a hope for Ross & Rachel. If no one is married when they are forty, then Ross has to marry Racchel. I like how they switch papers in the end. Then Monica chosses Chandler! A very emotional last scene. And then all the friends rush in to hug each other. Great way to end the season. The only one without a cliffhanger, by far!
  • Monica and Chandler get engaged

    "The One With the Proposal, Part 2" is one of the best episodes from the sixth season, if not the entire series. Funny and emotional at the same time, it's definitely a memorable installment of "Friends". Chandler had plans to propose to Monica, but the night was ruined when they ran into Richard. Still wanting to propose, but worried that Monica will catch wind of his plan, Chandler decides to throw her off the track by telling her that he never wants to get married. Unbeknownst to him, Richard had told Monica that he was still in love with her. Confused and hurt, Monica goes to see Richard. In the mean time, Chandler finds out what Richard had said to her and realizes that he possibly made a huge mistake. He goes to Richard's apartment to find Monica, but she had already left. When he gets back to his apartment, he runs into Joey in the hallway who tells him that Monica was so upset that she left and went to her parents' house. Heartbroken, Chandler walks into his apartment only to discover Monica standing there amid romantic candlelight. After all the miscommunication and high emotions, they finally get engaged.
  • Chandler is about to pop the question, but Richard does it before he can

    This was the most romantic Friends episode of all times. In my eyes it was sooo sweet how Chandler carefully prepared everything and almost messed it up. He made Monica believe he was never gonna marry her chasing her directly into Richard's arms. It was also nice to see him again and see that he finally realized he wants all the same things that Monica wants - but he's so definitely too late. I'm so happy that it all worked out that well in the end.
    The proposal couldn't have been any better. Having Monica start and then Chandler do the rest - it was such a perfect thing for their relationship. I could have cried. It was so romantic and I'm so happy that's finally done :-)
  • They finally get engaged!

    In the second part of the season finale, the confusion between Monica and Chandler grows to serious limits, when Chandler starts pretending he doesn't ever want to get married, and Monica is thrown into a temptation when her ex-boyfriend, Richard offers her to marry him, instead of staying with Chandler. Monica doesn't know what to do, and she's dissapointed in Chandler. These scenes have really shown Monica's emotions, which doesn't happen very ofter on the show. Joey is still the same old, good, and funny Joey. Obviously, the writers are really full of ideas, because I really loved the plot between Ross/Rachel/Phoebe/Joey, and the entire marriage backup thing. It was a good filler for the already good Monica/Chandler/Richard story.
  • A great finale...

    What a cool episode. Phoebe hears that she does not manages to get married at 40, so she puts herself a backup that in this situation will be Joey, so Rachel begins worrying about that too and wants Ross to be her backup, but discovers he is also Phoebe's backup, in the end Rachel ends with Ross and Phoebe with Joey. Meanwhile, Joey tells Chandler about Richard's proposal and he goes out seeking for her, where Monica says she has to think things over, when Chandler arrives at the apartment Joey tells him a lie about Monica going with her parents, but it was just a trick, in the end they manage to get engaged.
  • This episode is the best ever because it is where what you have been waiting for finally happens, Chandler and Monica get engaged.

    I love this episode because it has the best story line ever written. All through this episode, you are on the edge of your seat wondering about whether Chandler is actually going to propose to Monica in time before she thinks about what she wants, and whether or not Chandler is going to propose or if she should go back to Richard. At the end, it was so amazing the way that they proposed. I love the way that they have done the set with all of the candles and the dimmed lights. It looks so perfect. I love the atmosphere that the actors create with the build up to the proposal, and the way that both Monica and Chandler try to make it a surprise for each other. When Joey told Chandler that Monica had gone to her parents, I was so shocked because it could have all gone right if he had just been a little bit more careful about how he said he did not want to get married. But when he walked into the apartment and it was all lit up with candles and Monica was standing there, I knew that it was the perfect moment, even better than if he had done it at the restaurant. I also love the music that they chose to play over the closing credits with them dancing to it. I think that both the cast and crew should be very proud of this episode because it is certainly one of a kind.
  • Tearjerker?! I was balling like a baby!!

    I'm supposed to review the whole episode but the greatest moment in the entire episode is the final scene, when Chandler opens the door to find Monica surrounded by candles and greeting him with the line "You wanted it to be a surprise"
    It was at this moment where I know that I would probably end up crying. The speech that Monica gave was so sweet and then it being followed up with Chandler only made the moment more perfect!
    I'm sure that everyone knew that Monica would say yes, but for me, there was still the anticipation of the "Will She Won't She" Factor! The second she said yes, I felt all my emotions erupt out me in water droplets, and even today it still gets me every time!