Season 3 Episode 7

The One with the Race Car Bed

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 1996 on NBC

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  • Janice cheats on Chandler.

    This is the moment when I started hating Janice, Chandler is so sweet & caring for her and she kisses her ex-husband. Well that was only the end of the episode. Monica gets her karma when she buys a mattress from the Mattress King and gets a race car bed. My favorite plot would have to be Ross & Rachel's plot. Ross paying the tip was great! Rachel's dad was a jerk though. But then they bond by making fun of Rachel. I don't how they didn't really conclude the plot. Joey tells someone to be gay for a part when he teaches in an acting class, the kid still gets the part. I guess that is karma for Joey as well. A great episode with a great cliffhanger!
  • a good episode.

    in this episode joey becomes a teacher of acting to students. he lands a role of nick the boxer. and a fellow student also gets the role. hetells the student to play the role gay to sabotage his effort, but they like it and he gets the jib. meanwhile joey gets a bed from janice's ex the matress king but when it arrives it was a race car bed and chandler loves it. when they trie to return it joey sees janice kissing her ex boyfriend for a good cliffhanger. o i would recommend this episode as a good one.
  • A another good one, with a cliffhanger...

    Yet another great episode this season. I must say I really enjoy watching Friends this season. So, let's see what can we see in this episode...

    Monica decides to buy a new bed from Janice's ex-husband (soon to be), and Chandler can't find out about it. The best part about this was probably when the Race Car bed was delivered to Monica by mistake. I couldn't stop laughing when Phoebe and Joey didn't see it, or when Chandler was playing on the bed at the end of the episode. The end of the episode was also quite good, with a cliffhanger, but I must say I wasn't so intrigued by it.

    I also enjoyed the scenes between Ross, Rachel and Rachel's dad. The tension between Ross and Rachel's dad turned into friendship, and it was quite good when they started to be good to one another. A good character development, at least for Rachel's dad.

    And another good part was Joey's story, when he advised a man he was teaching how to play the part, and how he become more serious (or not). They should have probably made more eps with Joey being the teacher.

    All in all, this is a really good episode, a classic, a must-see!