Season 8 Episode 2

The One with the Red Sweater

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Rachel and Phoebe checking out at reception. They are then complaining about the bill saying there is stuff on it that they didn't order. Monica is then complaining about no longer being a bride and Chandler cheers her up saying that they can soon look at the wedding pictures from the disposable cameras.
Chandler enters Ross' room and sees Ross taking all the stuff from the hotel room. Chandler asks Ross whether he has the cameras and finds out Ross doesn't have them and that they have lost them. Ross agrees to help him look for them.
Monica is sitting on the sofa resisting the temptation to open the wedding presents, she opens just one but then can't resist the temptation to open others and quickly begins to open the other presents. Rachel enters the room and reveals that she is going to tell the father that day and so will tell Monica and Phoebe later that day who the father is. Phoebe talks about the impact it will have on the father saying it is life changing. Joey enters the apartment and Rachel asks him what it would be like if someone told him he got someone pregnant terrifying him. Rachel tells him that it's not real and Joey soon catches on, Phoebe then tells him that she is pregnant.
Chandler and Ross are looking around, searching for the cameras, but they can't find them. Ross suggests that they buy more cameras and take new photos knowing that another group of people will be at the ball room that day and it will look just like his wedding.
Phoebe enters the café and asks Rachel whether she has told the father yet. Rachel says she might not be able to tell the father because Phoebe told her how huge it is. Phoebe suggests she just tells him.
Joey enters the apartment and Monica pleads for someone to help her stop opening more presents. Joey walks over to Phoebe and asks her to marry him telling her that it is a hard world out there. Monica tells Joey that Rachel is actually the pregnant one, not Phoebe. Joey tells them that he thinks the father is the person who left behind a red sweater a few weeks ago. Phoebe recognizes this as Tag's.
Ross and Chandler are at the ball room taking photos and having their own photos taken for the new collection. A couple ask Chandler to take a photo of them but Chandler doesn't want to because they weren't at the wedding.
Rachel and Phoebe are walking towards the café and Phoebe reveals that she has asked the father to meet Rachel at the café.
Chandler is taking a photo of Ross on stage when the audience wants Ross to make a speech. Ross doesn't know what to do and so says that a car is being towed. Ross and Chandler prepare for the final picture in which Chandler quickly kisses the bride concealing her face while Ross takes the photo; the two of them then quickly run out of the room.
Phoebe and Rachel enter the coffeehouse and Phoebe tells Tag that Rachel has something she wants to tell him but Phoebe quickly discovers it is not Tag's red sweater. Tag tells Rachel that he wants them to get back together pushing her into it; Rachel then tells him she is having a baby.
Joey enters the apartment and finds out that Monica has opened every single one of the wedding presents. Rachel then enters with Phoebe and Joey tells Rachel that he also knows about the baby. Joey congratulates Rachel saying she has his full support. He then proposes to Rachel as well shocking everyone especially Phoebe. Chandler and Ross enter the apartment and show Monica the photos. Monica reveals that she had the original camera all along, Chandler then discovers that Monica has opened all the presents. The two call it even. Ross then finds the red sweater picking it up saying it is his...