Season 6 Episode 10

The One with the Routine

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 1999 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Gunther fainted in Central Perk, none of the waitresses behind the counter helped or even noticed he was unconscious.

    • Goof: After they dance "The Routine," Snippy Guy tells Monica and Ross they can be on one of the platforms if they dance "The Routine" again. He then tells one of the camera men to be sure to get it for the "bloopers" tape. When Snippy Guy tells Monica and Ross they can go on the platform, the music and taping are stopped, and when taping resumes, it is the New Year's Eve countdown and people aren't dancing. Snippy Guy then yells cut and tells everyone that it's a wrap. So when did he expect Monica and Ross to dance "The Routine" on the platform?

    • Continuity: In this episode, Rachel looks in the closet for Monica's Christmas presents. But in "The One with the Secret Closet" we learn that Monica always keeps the closet locked to hide the mess.

    • Goof: When the Snippy Guy is pointing out couples to go on the platforms next, he is pointing with his left hand and holding a clipboard in his right hand. However when the camera angle changes, he is pointing with his right hand and holding a clipboard in his left hand.

    • Magna Doodle: A drawing of a Santa Claus hand puppet

  • Quotes

    • Joey: Okay, now listen up. I've been on sets before, so let me give you a little advice, alright? It's a show, but we're just dancing, okay? It's no big deal. Important thing to remember, stay cool.
      Ross: Got it! (Walks onto the set) Oh, my God! It's just like I dreamed it!

    • Monica: We are going to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve!
      Ross: Oh, my God!
      Monica: Oh, my God!
      Chandler: (To Rachel) Oh, my God!

    • Rachel: Well, that's a lot better than Ross trying to kiss me in high school and saying that he did it because he needed chap stick.
      Ross: It was a dry day.

    • Janine: Do you guys wanna come too?
      Ross: Are you serious?
      Monica: We are there!
      (Rachel starts to laugh)
      Chandler: What are you laughing at?
      Rachel: Well, I used to date him. But you're still going out with her.

    • Joey: I had to get out of the apartment. Janine is, like, stretching all over the place. You know, everywhere I look, she's like (Imitates her stretching).
      Chandler: I can see why that's hard to resist.

    • Ross: And that's the story of the dreidel. Now, some people trace the Christmas tree back to the Egyptians, who used to bring green palm branches into their huts on the shortest day of the year, symbolizing life's triumph over death. And that was like 4000 years ago.
      Rachel: So, pretty much around the same time that you started telling this story.

    • Monica: Man, this sucks. If mom and dad don't see us on T.V. after we made them so jealous, who's going to be the losers then?
      Ross: Hey, I know what will get us up on a platform.
      Monica: What?
      Ross: The routine.
      Monica: Ross, we haven't done the routine since middle school.
      Ross: Hey, when the snippy guy sees the routine he'll want to build us our own platform.
      Monica: Was it really that good?
      Ross: We got honorable mention in the brother/sister dance category. Look, it's almost fake midnight. Do we really have any other choice?
      Monica: Okay, let's do it. Mom and dad are going to be so faced.

    • Phoebe: (To the duck and the chick) Come on, guys. Show us where the presents are.
      Chandler: Well the duck seems to think that Monica got me garbage. Hmm, I wonder what can I get Monica that's as good as garbage.
      Phoebe: (Referring to the bookends "A" "Z" shaped Chandler got her) Hmm, how about my "AZ?"

    • Rachel: (Knocking on the bench) Hey, this is hollow.
      Phoebe: What?
      Rachel: This bench, it's hollow. I can't believe I never knew that. (Rachel opens up the lid) Oh! The presents!
      Phoebe: Oh, no, don't look directly at them.
      Chandler: What?
      Phoebe: All right, no, we could look at them.

    • Joey: Hey, tall guy. Listen, I want to talk to you about that girl that you're dancing with.
      Tall Guy: She's nice, huh? To think I almost brought my wife to this.

    • Chandler: I couldn't find anything at Joey ... hey, whoa, whoa.
      Rachel: Yeah, we found them. They were in the guest room closet behind some coats.
      Phoebe: Yeah, and you have nothing to worry about 'cause they're all crap.
      Chandler: Those are my gifts. I got those for you.
      Phoebe: Oh, thanks, Chandler. They're great.
      Rachel: Well, Chandler then what is this very weird metal "A," "Z" thing?
      Chandler: Those are bookends. That's a great gift.
      Phoebe: Oh, okay. I'm sorry. Thank you for my "AZ."

    • Rachel: Okay, Pheebs, you look in the kitchen. I will look in the back closet.
      Chandler: I can save you time, ladies. I'm right here.
      Phoebe: Yeah. Chandler, why don't you take a walk? This doesn't concern you.
      Rachel: We our looking for our Christmas presents from Monica.
      Chandler: What? That's terrible.
      Phoebe: No, no, we do it every year.
      Chandler: Oh, well, that makes it not terrible.
      Phoebe: No, yeah. We never find them. She's always bested us, that wily... minx.

    • Ross: I am so over Janine. I mean... yeah, at first I thought she was hot but now, she's like old news.
      (Janine walks in)
      Janine: Hi, guys.
      Ross: Janine!

    • Joey: (About Janine) I like her so much!
      Monica: Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie that she doesn't feel the same way.
      Joey: I know, and she's so sweet. I just want to feed her grapes and brush her hair.
      Chandler: You are aware that she's not a monkey, right?

    • Ross: Wow. Monica's letting other people help decorate her tree. Did someone get her drunk again, or...?
      Monica: Having a perfectly decorated tree is not what Christmas is about. It's about being with the people you love.
      Phoebe: That is nice and we're done, ta-da!
      Chandler: I don't know what it is. It just doesn't quite feel like Christmas to me.
      Monica: Oh, yeah. (Monica turns the tree around to her decorated side.)
      Chandler: See, now it feels like Christmas.

    • Chandler: Let me ask you, why is everybody using these tiny little lights nowadays? I remember when people used to use big lights.
      Rachel: That's a good story, grandpa.

    • Monica: Excuse me, sir, would it help if I wasn't wearing any underpants?
      Ross: Monica!!... Would it?... How bout me?

    • Phoebe: (Walks in with the chick and the duck) I thought they could help us find where the presents are hidden.
      Chandler: Yes, if the presents are hidden south for the winter.

    • Monica: What'd you do to get up on that platform?
      Dancing girl: Uh, I learned how to dance.
      Monica: Well when you learnt how to dance did you forget how to put on underwear? (Looks away) Jeez!

    • Phoebe: Ooh ooh, we have a live one!
      Rachel: Oh, it's a Macy's bag!
      (Phoebe tips the bag upside down and a shoe falls out)
      Phoebe: Ooh, who's it for?
      Rachel: (Reading) "Dear losers, do you really think I'd hide presents under the couch? P.S. Chandler, I knew they'd break you."

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Chandler: I'm sure she worked really hard at getting you a present and wanting to surprise me, and you guys are gonna ruin that, and I... look we have to put these back, this is not what Christmas is about.
      Rachel: Whatever Linus, I'm opening mine.

      This is a reference to A Charlie Brown Christmas. In this TV animated movie, Linus gives a touching speech about the true meaning of Christmas, which to this day is still considered a holiday classic.

    • Janine: I just got a call to be a dancer on a television special for New Year's Eve. It's called some sort of Dick'n Rock'n Dickie Eve.
      Monica: Hold it! Are you talking about Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve?
      Janine: Yeah. That's what I said.
      Monica: Oh, my God! We love that show. Ross and I have been watching it since I can remember.
      Ross: Yeah!
      Chandler: You're still just a little fat girl inside aren't you?

      Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve is the television special on ABC that rings in the New Year's live from Times Square.