Season 8 Episode 9

The One with the Rumor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Phoebe entering Rachel's apartment and offering her some maternity trousers. Monica enters and reminds everyone about Thanksgiving the next day. She also tells everyone Will (Ross' school friend) will join them for Thanksgiving. Monica tells them there won't be any turkey on Thanksgiving either, upsetting Joey. Joey insists there must be a turkey. Monica agrees and says that he will be the only one eating it.

Phoebe enters Monica's apartment for Thanksgiving and helps out with the work. She finds out that Chandler is watching football on TV but doesn't actually like it. He is just watching it so he doesn't have to do any work. Phoebe then joins him so she doesn't have to do any work.

Will enters the apartment for Thanksgiving and is congratulated for losing all the weight. Will is excited to hear Ross is joining them but isn't pleased when he hears Rachael will be joining them. He tells everyone that she was mean to him and bullied him. Ross enters the apartment and Will and Ross share a warm welcome, happy to see each other. When Rachel enters the apartment he is unhappy to see her saying she made his life a living hell. Rachel is attracted to him, unaware that he hates her. She doesn't realize who he is but he remembers who she is.

At the dinner table the turkey is brought over and Joey is hesitant when he sees how big the turkey is. Rachel tries to be friendly to Will but he insults her and tells her how miserable she made his life. She says she is sorry but he won't accept the apology. He says there was a 'I hate Rachel Green Club' involving him and Ross. Rachel becomes extremely angry with Ross for never telling her. Will explains that they didn't only say mean things but also made a rumor that she had both 'male and female reproductive organs'. Rachel is extremely upset that no one ever told her.

Later Joey is at the table with the turkey, he has only eaten half of it, when he feels weary so he goes to change trousers.

Rachel comes over to the sofa to have a go at Ross and it is revealed that she made a rumor about Ross. The rumor involved him making out with a 50 year old librarian. It turns out it wasn't a rumor but the truth. Ross becomes extremely embarrassed as everyone starts to make fun of him. Ross explains the story of how it happened. The argument between Rachel and Ross ensues and Monica helps resolve the argument.

Joey comes into the room wearing Rachel's maternity pants. Later we see him finishing the turkey, absolutely worn out. He then catches sight of the pie and sets his sights on it.