Season 8 Episode 9

The One with the Rumor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2001 on NBC

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  • "Everybody at my high school heard that! (To Rachel) You were the hermaphrodite cheerleader from Long Island?!"-Chandler Bing.

    Monica invites a high school friend, Will (Brad Pitt) to her Thanksgiving dinner. He and Ross started a rumor about Rachel having both male and female "body parts". Joey tries to eat an entire turkey. Chandler and Phoebe avoid work. Another Fan favourite episode of Friends there is no surprise that it is one of mine, best of a great eigth season of the show, Brad Pitt was great but this episode isn't all about his brilliant guest star appearence, Ross and Racheal were great argueing just like old times and Joey eating nearly an entire large turkey to himself LOL.
  • Best episode ever of Friends!

    This has to be my all-time favorite episode of Friends. Every year, the thanksgiving episode is the one to look forward to. This was no exception. We learned that Ross was in the "I Hate Rachel Club" in high school. This then leads to secrets that come out from the gang in high school. It is so funny watching everyone go back and forth with stuff! This is an episode that everyone definitely needs to watch. It will make you laugh everytime you watch it and is an episode I never have gotten tired of. Best episode of the entire series!
  • In this episode one of Ross' friends from college, Will (played by Brad Pitt), comes to thanksgiving dinner. Because of this a lot of embarrassing nicknames and other secrets from college are revealed, creating some hilarious moments.

    I thought this was one of the best episodes of all the seasons from friends. Brad Pitt has an amazing guest role and the storyline of Joey trying to eat a whole turkey is hilarious. At the end he puts on Phoebe's maternity pants, a really funny sight!

    This is one of the episodes where the whole episode takes place just in the two apartments, and this creates a great ambiance.

    It's funny to see, that although Brad Pitt and jennifer Aniston were married at that time, Brad had to pretend he really hated her and he did a excellent job I thought!

    So if you haven't seen this episode yet, you really should!
  • The hilarious 'I hate Rachel club'

    So you put together the incredibly hot Brad Pitt and the awesome tv show Friends, what is the result of that? A super funny episode where you get introduced to the 'I hate Rachel club'! Hilarious! An amazing storyline around a guy who used to be fat and Rachel used to make fun of him and he grows up to be so good looking and never forgetting about his childhood traumas with Rachel! 'The one with the Rumor' it's a classic Friends episode for me, i love the fact that the writers used Brad Pitt's character hating Rachel instead of putting them together giving their relantionship!
  • Brad Pitt

    This episode had a cameo by Jennifer Aniston's then hubby Brad Pitt and he is just so funny in this. I was a little worried that they might not give him the best role or that he would draw focus away from whatever story line they put him in but it was all great. There was some great comedic moments with his character and the rest of the cast, too. Turns out Brad can carry comedy, too. I'm not used to seeing him in anything but dramatic roles. It was a nice change of pace.
  • Brad Pitt-Hot Stuff

    Brad Pitt plays Will, who knows Rachel, Monica and Ross from high school, except in a twist, he hates Rachel and even formed an I Hate Rachel Green Club in high school. He and Ross started a rumor about Rachel, but only because she started one about Ross, that he made out with the school librarian. Only, it turns out that wasn\'t really a rumor after all. Also, Joey tries to eat a whole turkey made especially for him. Phoebe and Chandler pretend to watch the game to get out of helping but they rat themselves out when Chandler can\'t name one NFL player. I really loved this episode, especially when Joey wears Phoebe\'s maternity pants, so he can eat his turkey. Brad was pretty funny and his fight with Rachel was hilarious. This is my favorite episode of season 8.
  • Friends is great. Brad Pitt is great. Put them together and you have the greatest show on earth.

    This is one of my favourite episodes of Friends. It is just so funny. I love episodes where you learn more about the characters’ past – and it doesn’t get much better than Ross making out with a librarian, Ross being in an “I Hate Rachel Club” and making up a rumour that Rach was half and half (which in itself is extremely funny). Add to that Brad Pitt, who is really funny, made more so by the fact the wife and husband’s characters hate each other – it is so well played. Chandler’s avoidance of helping Monica with the dinner is inspired, although it would have taken more than that before they were married. Phoebe’s crush on Will is also cute, especially when she tells God “Well Done”. Joey eating all the turkey and then asking for pie was so typical of Joey and yet hilarious at the same time. Brilliant.
  • Ross' high school friend comes over for Thanksgiving dinner. Rachel immediately takes a liking to him but she finds out that she made fun of him back then. Chandler pretends he is watching a football game so he doesn't have to help Monica with dinner.

    This was by far one of the funniest episodes i have ever seen! Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have great chemistry on the screen. Everyone from the cast did a wonderful job her, too. Lisa Kudrow, in particular, does an incredible job at her part in this episode. great and hilarious episode!
  • My favourite episode

    I cracked up as I watched it, and not only the first time.
    Evreything in it is hilarious.
    The rumour itself (and how it developed in the plot), how they made "a club" and, of course, all the jokes about Brad Pitt (and his relationship with Rachel, who, at that time was his wife).
  • One of my favourite episodes - if not the best!!!!

    Friends is famous for it's Thanksgiving episodes, with every season (apart from season 2) including a Thanksgiving episode. I love all of the Thanksgiving episodes, especially The One With the Rumour.

    Brad Pitt guest stars in this episode as Monica's former fat friend, Will. It is revealed that Will used to hate Rachel Green (played by his then wife Jennifer Aniston). After dinner a lot of home truths get told, including the fact that Will and Ross started a club, the "I hate Rachel" club, and that Ross made out with the 50 year old librarian. The storylines are fantastic and sooo funny, in particular Pheobe's reactions to Will (including looking up and congratulating the heavens for Will when she sees him).

    This episode is perfect!!!! One of the best friends episodes ever!!!!
  • In this epiosde Brad Pitt guest stars as a guy who hated Rachel in high school.

    I think this episode is one of the funnniest in the 10 year history of Friends. It features Brad Pitt as former fat kid Will,who Monica invites over for Thanksgiving dinner, who was Ross\'s friend in high school and hated Rachel\'s guts (The irony being at the time Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married). It turns out Ross and Will made a \"We Hate Rachel Green Club\" in highschool.
    Joey vows to eat a whole turkey by himself and succeds in the attempt.
    Pheobe and Chandler pretend to watch the game so as to not help Monica do the cooking.
  • A great job by a guest star

    I am not a fan of Brad Pitt, but he did an incredible job in this episode as the ex-fat boy who hated Rachel. The comedy is perfect. The writing is stellar. I cannot say enough good things about this episode.

    Brad Pitt's character, Will, visits his old friends Monica and Ross for Thanksgiving to show off his hot new body. He plays his role of the grudge holder perfectly.

    This episode has become one of my favorites. Phoebe's great as she joins Chandler on the couch to pretend to watch football to avoid helping Monica. She really gets into the pretending part.

    This is a great episode and really shows why this show is so popular.
  • Brad Pitt guest stars.

    Brad Pitt special guest stars as Ross's old buddy from High School. We learn a lot about Rachel and Ross's past and the hatred Ross displayed towards her before she knew who he was.

    At thanksgiving meal, an uproar is rising between Will and Rachel as unfriendly high school memories pop-up and Rachel discovers the culprits behind one of the most embarissing rumors ever to hit a high school - saying that Rachel had both male and female reproductive parts.

    We also find out who Ross's first kisses's was, let me tell you - She was fifty and a librarian.
  • Brad Pitt in the I hate Rachel Club.

    Great episode! Joey eats a whole turkey! Monica's fat friend from high school comes over which he used to be fat and he is Brad Pitt! Oh my god! He really must of hated Rachel to be in that club with her and have Ross and some Asian dude. I can't believe Ross slept with a 50 year old teacher! Pretty weird or should I say hot stuff. They sure got Rachel with that rumor about her being part female and part male.
  • TOW The Rumor

    Friends Season 8 Episode 09 The One With the Rumor Monica invites an old high school friend, Will (guest star Brad Pitt), to have thanksgiving dinner with them. Rachel discovers Will and Ross started a rumor at high school about her being a hermaphrodite. Joey sets his mind on eating an entire trukey.

    The One with the Rumor is one of the funniest thanksgiving episodes. It is so funny. Sometimes I just laugh when I remember it. It was rlly good.
    "you were the hermaphrodite from Long Island?" that cracks me up.
    This episode is amazing, is so great and so funny. My recomendation:
    watch this episode!
  • Another thanksgiving with the friends and a special guest star!

    This is the gang's 8th Thanksgiving at Monica & Chandler's and this one was very, what you might say, revealing!

    An old friend of Ross' turns up and it is revealed that the two had an "I Hate Rachel" club in high school. They had set off a rumor that Rachel may have both Male & Female reproductive parts! It is also revealed that Rachel saw Ross and the 50yr old librarian making out one night and told everyone!

    Some great laughs in this episode especially near the end of the episode. The best story line in this episode for me was Joey trying to eat a full turkey all on his own! Classic!
  • "I'm a Tribbiani! And this is what we do! We may not be great thinkers or world leaders, we don't read a lot or run very fast, but damnit! We can eat!" - Joey

    Another Thanksgiving dinner at Monica's and she has invited a friend over from high school Will, played by Brad Pitt, who really hates Rachel. Joey is climbing his Everest, he's trying to eat an entire turkey all by himself. It was classic Joey. The 'I Hate Rachel Green' club was also really funny and the rumor that Rachel had both male and female reproductive parts. In high school people really know how to hurt each other.
    It was a nice Thanksgiving episode but it was not the best one I've ever seen. Brad Pitt was okay but he is not really a sitcom actor.
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  • 809

    Wow, I am astonished at overrated this episode is. Brad Pitt comes in, and everybody praises this episode? This was probably one of the "weaker" Thanksgiving episodes of Friends. I can name a lot more Thanksgiving episodes that were 10x better than this. Everything that came out Brad Pitt's mouth was incredibly annoying. It was like the jokes were too out there, and I felt as if he was trying too hard to be funny. I'm not saying Brad Pitt is a bad actor, but in this case, I didn't like his character or his acting at all for some reason. No wonder he didn't win that Emmy nomination for this episode. I found myself in awe that he was even nominated.

    The whole episode revolved over a ridiculous high school rumor, and it seemed like everyone reverted back to themselves when this show started. And how they went on & on about the 2 different parts, and Ross making out with the librarian. It was just too much, I didn't like it at all. The only thing that helped this episode was Phoebe and her surprising humor. Joey was also a bit funny eating the turkey, also exaggerated, but quite funny. All the characters except Phoebe were completely exaggerated and so were the storyline. Just didn't enjoy this Thanksgiving very much.