Season 8 Episode 9

The One with the Rumor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: We already knew that Rachel's closest friend in high school was morbidly obese (Monica), but in this episode we discover that so was Ross's (Will).

    • Goof: When Monica is hugging Will, she pulls away after he kisses her cheek. In the next shot from behind, she starts to pull away again.

    • Continuity: As stated in "The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress," Monica and Chandler's wedding was on May 15 and Rachel was about a month pregnant. In this episode, it's Thanksgiving which means Rachel should be about seven months pregnant, yet she isn't showing at all.

    • Factual Error: Season 8 takes place during the year 2002 and Chandler is watching a Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions game on TV. He says to Monica, "Anderson just scored again" and then says to Phoebe "there is no Anderson". However, both the Packers and the Lions had a player named Anderson on their teams. Scotty Anderson (a wide receiver) played for the Lions and Marques Anderson (a safety) played for the Packers during the 2002 season.

    • Goof: When Joey comes in wearing the maternity pants, he walks over to the table and pulls out a chair. When the shot changes, he pulls out the chair again.

    • Goof: When Will screams "Yams" during dinner, Ross is looking away from Will. When the shot changes, Ross is looking at Will with no time to move his head.

    • Goof: When Rachel asks who wants yams and picks up the dish, the spoon is right next to her hand. When the camera angle changes, the spoon is on the other side of the dish. When she passes the yams, the spoon is by her hand again.

    • Goof: When Rachel arrives and Will squeezes the wall decoration, he puts his right hand up on the arch. When the shot changes, his hand is on the wall. In the next shot, it's back on the wall decoration.

    • Goof: When Will arrives and Chandler says that he isn't deaf, Will has his hands on his hips. When the camera angle changes, he is suddenly holding two wine glasses.

    • Magna Doodle: A drawing of the icon for CNE New York

    • Continuity: When Ross and Will tell the group about the "I hate Rachel Green Club", Rachel turns to Ross and says, "So we went out for two years and you never told me you were in an 'I Hate Rachel' club?" However, Ross and Rachel broke up on their first anniversary.

    • Goof: When Ross is talking about Mrs. Altman, the reflection in the mirror behind him changes from the tablecloth to the wooden floor repeatedly.

  • Quotes

    • Joey: Hey Rach', listen. Did you know that during pregnancy your fingers swell up to twice their size... and never go back?
      Rachel: (checks her hands, worried, then grabs the book) Oh, my God! Let me see that!
      Joey: (laughing) You fall for it every time!

    • Phoebe: (about her maternity pants) See how they expand as the baby grows? And then, after the baby's born, they're great for shoplifting melons!

    • Monica: (to Rachel and Phoebe about Will) Oh, and by the way, he's lost a bunch of weight. He looks goo-ood. Okay, I mean really, really gorgeous.
      (Joey clears his throat emphatically)
      Monica: (to Joey) I still love Chandler.
      Joey: Wouldn't hurt you to say it once in awhile.

    • Monica: Just so you know, I'm not gonna make a turkey this year.
      Joey: Why not?!
      Monica: Well, Phoebe doesn't eat turkey...
      Joey: Phoebe!
      Phoebe: Turkeys are beautiful, intelligent animals.
      Joey: No, they're not! They're ugly... and stupid... and delicious!

    • Monica: (to Joey) You're telling me you can eat almost an entire turkey in one sitting?
      Joey: That's right! 'Cause I'm a Tribbiani! And this is what we do! I mean, we may not be great thinkers or world leaders... We don't read a lot or run very fast... But damn it, we can eat!

    • Monica: Isn't it strange to think that this time next year, there'll be a little baby at the table?
      (Chandler looks at her, panicked)
      Monica: ...Rachel's. But good to know where you're at!

    • Monica: (to Phoebe who is folding napkins) No-no-no, sweetie. Not like that... We're not at a barn dance!

    • Phoebe: Green Bay is playing.
      Monica: You like Green Bay?
      Phoebe: It's only like my favorite bay!

    • Monica: (greeting Will at the door) You look great! You must've lost like...
      Will: A hundred and fifty pounds... Yeah, I'm gonna be in one of those Subway sandwich commercials.

    • Will: (about the pumpkin pie he brought) It's no fat, it's no sugar, it's no dairy... It's no good--throw it out!

    • Ross: I don't think I've seen you since, uh... Lance Davidson's graduation party.
      Will: That was such a fun night!
      Ross: Yeah! ...Would have been good if we had gotten in, but still... real fun!

    • Will: God, we were lame back then... Do you remember how into dinosaurs we were?
      Ross: (laughing self-consciously) Yeah...
      Will: So, what do you do now?
      Ross: (after an awkward pause) So, how long are you in town...?

    • Will: (looking at Rachel) Look at her standing there with those yams. My two worst enemies, Ross... Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates.

    • Joey: (about the chicken) That's it? Even if nobody helps me, I can eat that, no problem. At least give me a challenge.
      Monica: This is Chandler's chicken. (Monica brings over the turkey) This... is the turkey.
      Joey: (worried) Oh... H-How big is that?
      Monica: About nineteen pounds...
      Joey: (turns to Rachel) It's like me when I was born!

    • Rachel: (sensing Will's attitude towards her) I'm sorry. Do you, do you have a problem with me?
      Will: I don't know? Do I? Do I?!
      Phoebe: I think you do.

    • Rachel: You had a club?
      Will: That's right. "The I Hate Rachel Green Club".
      Rachel: Oh, my God! So what? You all just joined together to hate me? Who else was in this club?
      Will: Me... and (pointing emphatically) ...Ross!
      Ross: No need to point. She knows who "Ross" is.

    • Rachel: So... who else was in this club?
      Ross: Well, actually, there was also that exchange student from Thailand... but... I don't think he knew what it was...?

    • Rachel: (about The I Hate Rachel Green Club) Monica, did you know about this?
      Monica: I swear I didn't. (turning to Ross) Hey, is that why you guys used to go up to your bedroom and lock the door?
      Ross & Will: Yeah.
      Monica: Hm. Little relieved, I gotta say.

    • Will: We started a rumor.
      Rachel: What rumor?
      Phoebe: Oh, c'mon Will... just take off your shirt and tell us.

    • Ross: It's no big deal. We... We said that... the rumor was that, um, you had both male and female reproductive parts.
      Will: Ha!
      Rachel: What?
      Will: That's right! We said your parents flipped a coin and decided to raise you as a girl, but you still have a hint... of a penis.

    • Monica: (about the rumor) Everyone at our school heard that!
      Chandler: Everybody at my high school heard that! (to Rachel) You were the hermaphrodite cheerleader from Long Island?!

    • Rachel: (about the rumor) Oh, my God! This is all making so much sense to me now! This is why Adam Carter wouldn't go out with me. This is why Billy Tratt would just stay in this region! (motions to her breasts.)
      Ross: Actually, Billy Tratt is gay now, so that one's not really our fault.
      Rachel: Monica, how come you never told me this?!
      Monica: I thought it might be true. And I was afraid that you were gonna cry and then show it to me.
      (Joey is staring at Rachel's crotch)
      Rachel: Joey stop staring! There's nothing there! It's not true!
      Joey: I'm afraid I'm gonna need proof.

    • (Rachel comes back from Joey's with her high school yearbook)
      : Okay, okay. Listen to what Sean McMann wrote in my yearbook senior year. (reading) "Dear Rach', you're such a great person." Not "girl"... "person".
      Ross: Rach', I think you're reading a little too much into it.
      Rachel: (from the yearbook) "Dear Rach', you're a great person. Sorry about your teeny-weenie."

    • Ross: Look, what do you want me to do? You want me to call everyone in the entire school and tell them it wasn't true?
      Rachel: Yes!
      Will: (leaning in) Could you also tell them I'm skinny now...?
      Monica: Oh! Me too?!

    • Chandler: When you were in high school you made out with a fifty year-old woman?
      Ross: Hey! She didn't look fifty!
      Chandler: Did she look sixteen?

    • Phoebe: (to Ross about his tryst with a 50 year-old woman) So, how did this happen? ...did she lure you to an early-bird dinner?

    • Ross: Y'know what? I'm back in the club!
      Will: Yeah! (high-fives Ross) Shall I call the meeting to order?
      Ross: Is everybody present?
      Will: With the exception of Ta-Taka... 
      Phoebe: I wanna join!
      Rachel: Phoebe!
      Phoebe: I'm sorry, but I never got to be in a club. I didn't go to high school! ...But three of us would meet behind a dumpster to learn French... (coquettishly to Will) ...Bonjour!

    • Monica: Alright, listen. You're just being silly. Rachel, even with that rumor, you were one of the most popular girls in school. I mean, everyone wanted to be like you. One girl wanted to be like you so much, she stuffed her pants with a tootsie roll!
      Rachel: (touched) Wow...
      Monica: And Ross, if it weren't for Rachel's rumor, no one in high school would even know who you were. She put you on the map!
      Ross: (grudgingly) ...As a romancer of the elderly!
      Monica: Hey! Mrs. Altman was the kind of woman you could tell she used to be pretty.
      Ross: The eyes... did still sparkle.

    • Phoebe: Joey! Those are my maternity pants!
      Joey: No, no! These are my Thanksgiving pants!

    • Joey: (after finishing an entire turkey) Well that's it! I'm done! (wiping his forehead) Whoof! come the meat sweats!

    • Monica: (after Joey has finished an entire turkey by himself) Well, Joey... we're all very proud of you...
      Chandler: Yes... I believe we can expect a call from the President any moment now...

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Joey: Did you know that during pregnancy your fingers swell up to twice their size and never go back?

      The book Joey is reading is "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Now in it's third edition, this book written by Arlene Eisenberg and Heidi Murkoff is consistently on the New York Times Best Seller List in the advice category.

    • Monica: You look great! You must've lost, like...
      Will: A hundred and fifty pounds. Yeah, I'm gonna be in one of those Subway sandwich commercials!
      Subway had been running a series of commercials featuring Jared, a man who lost a great deal of weight by eating a healthy diet of Subway sandwiches in addition to an exercise routine.

    • When Monica asks Chandler to name three football players, he names two real athletes who don't play football: Gretzky and Agassi. Wayne Gretzky plays ice hockey, and Andre Agassi plays tennis.