Season 3 Episode 22

The One with the Screamer

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 1997 on NBC

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  • Screaming and spaceships

    I love Ben Stiller. I thought he was great in this, though the material they gave him was weak. The best moment is with the chick.

    Poor Phoebe and the phone place. But how in the world does Ross happen to know the area code in Utah? Either way, Lisa Kudrow is great with this story.

    I love Chandler with the duck and chick "I just wanted them to hear it from someone else..."

    The stuff they gave Monica and Pete was also quite weak. It was sort of funny, but not as strong as this show is known for. And knowing the level on Jon F's talent, he was really underused here.

    The Joey storyline finally pays off... I love how we think this is just a regular play about two people struggling to stay in love and it ends about being about time travel. That is classic Friends, and the kind of gag they didn't use much near the end of the show's run.
  • Ben Stiller guest stars.

    A great episode with a great guest star. Ben Stiller was so funny in this episode. I laughed so hard when he screamed. No one believing Ross on the screaming, and everyone labeling him as jealous was also very funny. Finally, the Kate arc ends, I didn't like it too much. The play ends up getting a bad review, Kate quits and leaves Joey forever. Bummer. I do like how most of the episode revolved around the play.

    "Step away from the duck" -Chandler

    That was hysterical! Phoebe going crazy over a phone company was also enjoyable to watch. Hah 801, is different from an 800 number.
  • e.x.c.e.l.l.e.n.t

    Ben Stiller has an excellent role in this episode I just love him and Ross when noone is around and how noone believes Ross about his behaviour because they think he is just jealous. The rest of the episode is also great Joey and his play, Phoebe and the phone thing... but the part with the Ross and Tommy in the theatre and in front of the coffee house when Ross spills his coffee all over Tommy is simply owsom. The dialog is extremely funny. Well this is exactly why I watch this show! F. R. I. E. N. D. S
  • An awesome episode!!!

    In this episode the friends attend one of Joey's plays. Ross and Rachel each bring dates. Ross brings a woman from work and Rachel brings a guy named Tommy (Ben Stiller). While the ladies are in bathroom, Ross and Tommy go find there seats. Once they have located their seats, an elderly couple were sitting in there seats. Tommy screamed at the couple and the couple ran off frightened. When Ross tries to tell the gang, no one believes that Tommy screamed at the couple. I think this episode is hilarious and I especially loved the part where Tommy screamed at the chick and the Duck and Chandler said "Step away from the duck".
  • Good

    In this episode we can see Monica with her new boyfriend, Joey in love with his co-star in a play, Rachel and Ross dealing with their break up and Phoebe on the phone!
    Phoebe is awesome in here.. I love the scene where she can't find the way to put the sweater on because she get stucked with her head in the sleeve! lol
    Ross and Rachel again trying to play the new boy/girlfriend card to make each other jealous. Awesome Ben Stiller in the part of Rachel's crazy boyfriend.
    Joey is just sweet in this episode and basically in all those ones where you can see his softer side..