Season 3 Episode 22

The One with the Screamer

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 1997 on NBC

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  • Screaming and spaceships

    I love Ben Stiller. I thought he was great in this, though the material they gave him was weak. The best moment is with the chick.

    Poor Phoebe and the phone place. But how in the world does Ross happen to know the area code in Utah? Either way, Lisa Kudrow is great with this story.

    I love Chandler with the duck and chick "I just wanted them to hear it from someone else..."

    The stuff they gave Monica and Pete was also quite weak. It was sort of funny, but not as strong as this show is known for. And knowing the level on Jon F's talent, he was really underused here.

    The Joey storyline finally pays off... I love how we think this is just a regular play about two people struggling to stay in love and it ends about being about time travel. That is classic Friends, and the kind of gag they didn't use much near the end of the show's run.