Season 3 Episode 22

The One with the Screamer

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The morning after the play, Monica comes out of her bedroom and greets Phoebe. But the night before, Phoebe switched Monica and Rachel's bedroom around. So Monica should have come out of Rachel's bedroom, not her normal bedroom.

    • Goof: When Tommy is screaming at the chick, he's holding paper he used to clean his hands. He puts the paper down, but when the camera angle changes it's in his hand again.

    • Goof: When Gunther brings Chandler the cup of coffee from the woman at the bar, Chandler does not take it by the handle. However the shot quickly switches to him holding it by the handle.

    • Trivia: This is the only episode where any of the Friends, other than Joey, has met Estelle Leonard. It is also the only episode where we see Estelle outside the office.

  • Quotes

    • Joey: Uh, you guys this is, this is Kate's understudy, Lauren.
      Rachel: Oh, hi!
      Lauren: Hey.
      Rachel: Hey. Gosh, you look so familiar.
      Lauren: Oh, yeah! I, I ran into you in the hallway in your building. It was right after I slept with Joey. He dumped me the next day.

    • Ross (Rachel just introduced him to Tommy)) So uh, well, this, this is uh, this is awkward.
      Tommy Yeah?
      Ross Well y'know 'cause Rachel and I used to go out.
      Tommy Oh, I didn't, I didn't know that.
      Ross Oh! Well then this is awkward.

    • Joey: Uh, listen I gotta double check for tickets tonight. Who, who got what?
      Chandler, Phoebe & Rachel: I had one.
      Monica: I need two. I'm bringing Pete. My boyfriend. I have a boyfriend now!
      Joey: Two it is. Ross, how about you?
      Ross: Uh, yeah, I, ah, I also need two.
      Monica: Really? Who's number two?
      Chandler: Who's number two? One of the more difficult games sewer workers play.
      Ross: Uh, no, it's, it's just this person.
      Phoebe: Like a date type person?
      Ross: Yeah, kinda. It's this woman from work. I hope that won't be too weird. Will it, Rach?
      Rachel: No. No, not at all, not at all. I actually was gonna bring someone myself, so...
      Joey: But you said one.
      Rachel: I meant, me plus one!
      Joey: Okay. (to Phoebe and Chandler) Did, ah, you guys mean you plus one?

    • Cailin: (About Pete and Monica) So. How'd you guys meet?
      Pete: Well ah, the short version is, I ah pursued her for a couple of months, then I gave her a check for $20,000, and she was mine.
      Monica: Yeah, and in the long version, I dump him for telling people the short version.

    • Ross: I'm telling you, this guy Rachel is with is crazy! Okay? He viciously screamed at total strangers! I think he's bad news!
      Chandler: Wait a minute, wait a minute, you don't like the guy Rachel's dating? Well, (Sarcastically) that's odd.

    • Joey: So, so, what'd you think?
      Chandler: Almost as good as that play with the two naked girls on the see-saw.
      Joey: I, I wasn't in that.
      Chandler: I know.

    • Chandler: (Entering, carrying the chick and duck) Hey! Can you take a duck and a chick to the theater?
      Monica: Of course not.
      Phoebe: No.
      Chandler: Okay. I just wanted them to hear it from somebody else.

    • Rachel: Oh, Phoebe, are you still on hold? I was supposed to call my Dad back like two hours ago.
      Phoebe: Oh, yeah, he clipped on. He said call him as soon as you get a chance, he's at Flimby's.
      Rachel: What's Flimby's?
      Phoebe: Oh, yeah, that's the word I use when I can't remember the real thing.

    • Joey: Oh, hey! You guys are finally gonna get to meet Kate! (To Chandler) And I borrowed some of your cologne. I hope she likes it.
      Monica: Joey, what are you doing? It's never gonna happen. She's seeing somebody.
      Chandler: Yeah, and I don't have any cologne.
      Joey: Green bottle next to the shaving cream.
      Chandler: Oh, worm medicine for the duck.

    • Ross: He screamed, he literally screamed at this couple.
      Chandler: Yeah, and at the end of the play, he got up and just started to bang his hands together.

    • Phoebe: I've kept myself busy. (Monica and Rachel go in their rooms and walk right back out) I put your stuff in her room and her stuff in your room.

    • Chandler: (To Tommy) Step away from the duck.

    • Director: (Reading a review of the play) "Joey Tribbiani gave an uneven performance as the lead, Victor. However Mr. Tribbiani was not the worst part of this production."
      Joey: Yes!!!

    • Joey: (After the critics trash Kate's performance) Drama critics are just people who couldn't make it as actors. You know what you should do?
      Kate: Become a drama critic.

    • Joey: I don't get you, Kate. First you hate me, then you sleep with me, then you want nothing to do with me, and now you want me again?
      Kate: What, you've never dated an actress before?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Joey: What's going on? What's this about L.A.?
      Kate: They still want me for General Hospital.

      General Hospital is the longest-running soap opera produced in Hollywood.

    • Joey: We'll stop by every newsstand and burn every copy of The Times and The Post.

      The New York Times is a daily newspaper published in New York City and distributed internationally.
      The New York Post is the oldest newspaper published continually as a daily in the United States.

    • Director: A'plague o' both your houses.

      This is a line from the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet. The play has been adapted into several movies including the traditional 1968 film Romeo and Juliet and the contemporary 1996 film Romeo + Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.