Season 8 Episode 14

The One with the Secret Closet

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Phoebe coming to Monica's apartment to get her guitar. Monica doesn't want Phoebe to get into the apartment because another woman is giving her a massage. Chandler accidentally lets her in, and Phoebe finds out.

Joey is having a dream; in the dream Rachel is having his baby, when he looks at the baby its Ross who tells him he is a terrible friend. Joey suddenly wakes up and Rachel comes into his room so he can feel her baby which is kicking.

Monica and Chandler are trying to get rid of a bowl, Chandler tries to put it in a locked closet and when he can't get in he wants to know what's in the closet. Phoebe enters the room and wants to know why she can't massage Monica. Monica says it would be weird and uncomfortable, Phoebe says its okay and so they are going to give it a try.

At Central Perk Joey tells Ross that the baby has started kicking, Ross is excited but wishes he hadn't missed the first time it kicked.

At Monica's apartment Phoebe starts giving Monica a massage for the first time, it all goes well until Monica starts making sex noises while having the massage. Phoebe becomes freaked out by them.

Next we see Chandler trying to open the secret closet. Joey comes in and they start to discuss what could be in the closet and why Chandler can't find out.

Joey returns to his apartment where he sees Rachel who is in major discomfort, Joey takes her to hospital to see if everything is okay. At the hospital the doctor tells them that Rachel is experiencing Braxton-Hick's contractions. A worried Ross suddenly arrives but is late and feels bad for not being there for her and the situation becomes worse when the doctor comes and mistakes Joey for the father.

Joey and Chandler are back at the closet door trying their best to get into the door. Joey explains the situation with Ross to Chandler. Chandler tries to calm Joey saying it's not his fault.

At Central Perk Monica comes over to Phoebe and asks why Phoebe doesn't like giving her massages. Phoebe says it's because she makes sex noises which puts her off. Phoebe says she will try again though because Monica is her friend.

At Rachel's apartment, Ross accidentally gives Rachel a pickled sandwich making her sick. Ross feels upset because he doesn't think he knows much about Rachel whereas Joey does. To make things better Joey comes up with the idea that Rachel should move out to live with Ross in his apartment. Rachel is reluctant with the idea but Ross is happy. Rachel decides she will move in with him.

Back at his apartment Chandler manages to unhinge the closet door. Inside he discovers that Monica has a messy, disorganized closet much to his surprise.

Chandler goes to meet Joey in his apartment. Joey tries to make it seem that he is great living on his own but admits in the end that he feels lonely.

We now see Phoebe giving Monica a massage, Phoebe replies to the sex noises Monica makes with her own sex noises that make Monica feel uneasy.

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