Season 8 Episode 14

The One with the Secret Closet

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2002 on NBC

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    So this episode completely butchered Monica's character. They just changed her whole character for comic relief. Although we did get to see what that door lead to after 8 years, I just felt like they could have done better with that. They made Monica messy? Does that sound like Monica Gellar to anyone? The REAL Monica Gellar would have that closet spotless because it would bother her so much, that she wouldn't be able to sleep. If she freaked out about shoes being left out in the living room in season 1, she should freak out about this.

    Now the positives: Joey continues to have an undenying strange love for Rachel. As a roommate, he is there for all the baby stuff, which Ross always misses. And he manages to forget Mona, big surprise. Her character can tend to be a tad forgettable so I don't blame Ross. Rachel moving in with Ross was good, good for plots anyway. Joey & Rachel did have a good run, but it's good that they're changing things up a bit in this sense. The father & mother of the baby living together but they're not together. Hilarious situation.

    Now we have the plot for cheap laughs, which sometimes is a good thing. Monica making sex noises while Phoebe massages her was absolutely hysterical. The ending was priceless, could not stop laughing. Good episode overall.