Season 9 Episode 4

The One with the Sharks

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2002 on NBC

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  • A very funny episode

    I quite enjoyed this episode. Firstly Joey starts dating a girl he meets at the coffee house and when he goes back to hers he is sure he has already slept with her and cant understand why she dosent remember him. Ross accidently getting involved with Pheobe and Mike after he brings up the point to Pheobe that she has never had a long term relationship which upsets her. With Monica and Chandler, Monica decides to visit Chandler in Tulsa and mistakenly thinks Chandler was getting his jollies to a shark attack show not ralising he was just watching regular porn. A good but silly episode.
  • I think the classification is perfect. Funny episode. I named one of my pets Vickrum.

    This was a hilarious episode of Friends, however, there was not much story development. The part where Ross calls as Vickrum. And Monica is very sweet for going along with "Chandlers shark porn fetish." Also it was very funny when she said she could fast forward to something "toothier" or the part when she said she could get into the tub and thrash! The writers are brilliant! I can only hope for a partner half as understanding as Monica some day! Season 9 was not the best season. I believe the best season was season 7. Full of great stories and running gags.
  • Joey can't remember if he slept with a girl.

    Good episode but when Phoebe said she has never been in a long term relationship because she has, Gary! She moved in with him until he shot a bird then she dumped him and they went out for a couple of months. The good part was when Joey couldn't remember if he went out with this girl he is on a date with but it was her roomate. Monica thinks Chandler watched Shark porn. Monica didn't even know that he changed the channel so she bought Chandler some with sharks. Phoebe and Mike kiss! At least Phoebe found a good guy that she will stay with it.
  • This episode was funny, but not the best.

    Phoebe and Ross end up talking about how he has never been in a long term relationship before, and it gets him thinking about what is wrong with him.

    Meanwhile, Monica barges in on Chandler being a happy camper and makes a startling discovery once she enters the room.

    Joey, on the other hand, tries to remember who this 'girl' really is and when he slept with her... But in the end, he relaizes that it wasn't HER he slept with, but her sister!

    This episode was funny, but it wasn't up to the full potential of 'Friends'. I enjoyed it, overall.
  • As with most episodes of Friends, there are good parts to this episode. But overall this episode is just so ridiculous I find it hard to believe there were real human writers who came up with this.

    This episode was just insane. There were funny parts, of course; Joey goes on a date with a woman, and when they go back to her place for some hot and heavy lovin', he realizes that he's been here before. Naturally, he can't understand why she doesn't remember him. Watching Joey try to figure out what's going on (and watching his ego suffer in the process) is pretty funny. And watching Ross totally mess up Phoebe's relationship with Mike, and try to fix it by making up creative stories about her past, is even funnier.

    But those are just the side plots, the filler material. The main storyline of this episode, the one the episode is named after, is this: Chandler is still working in Tulsa ("The Paris of Oklahoma!") and living in a hotel. Monica, being the sweet and caring wife that she is, decides to pay him a surprise visit. Chandler, of course, thinks he's going to be alone for the night, and being Chandler, he decides to entertain himself by tuning the ol' hotel room TV to some good old-fashioned all-American hardcore girl-on-girl action so he can vigorously molest himself.

    Naturally, Monica gets the desk clerk to give her a key to Chandler's room so she can surprise him, and surprise him she does -- as she bursts into the room and yells "Surprise!", Chandler leaps up and shouts "Do not disturb! Do not disturb!" and changes the channel while desperately trying to cover himself up. Monica knows what was going on, of course, but in the interests of marital harmony she pretends that she didn't notice, and Chandler pretends that he still has his dignity, and everything is hunky dory.

    Until Chandler leaves the room for some reason and Monica happens to look at the TV. Of course, Chandler had just changed channels randomly, and apparently he landed on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet or something, because there's a program about sharks on.

    Now, any normal person, even on a sitcom, would think "Heh heh ... man, that Chandler is fast at changing the channel when he gets caught masturbating I can't emphasize this point enough. *Nobody*, in the *entire universe*, would think anything else.

    But Monica, instead of coming to this *rational* and *sane* conclusion, immediately thinks "Hey, Chandler was watching a shark program. And he was masturbating He was *pleasuring himself* to a show about *sharks*!!!!! My husband is turned on by angry sharks omg omg omg!!11!!1!1!!!"

    And for pretty much the *entire* rest of the show, Monica is freaking out about how her husband is a deviant, a shark fetishist, a fish fiend. She even discusses it with Rachel, who doesn't say "Hey, maybe he changed the channel." Noooo, that's just waaaaaaaaaay too farfetched for anybody to think of it. Instead, Rachel actually encourages Monica's nutty misunderstanding. And Monica goes so far as to rent a shark movie for Chandler and her to make sweet love by -- at one point she even asks him if he wants her to "thrash." The mind boggles. Then, of course, everything is resolved and they have a good laugh about things, and Monica is wonderfully content in the knowledge that her husband likes to watch hot female strangers delight each other in various ways. Ah, bliss.

    Look, I'm all for zany misunderstandings in sitcoms; oftentimes, they're good stuff. But this ... I just can't understand how this episode could have been written. The only scenario I can think of that makes an ounce of sense is that show's writers went to a strip joint after work, got totally bombed on Zima, and decided to come up with the stupidest and least-plausible idea for an episode of Friends that had ever been done, and then after they wrote it on the back of a cocktail napkin they all kept daring each other to actually turn it in and pretend it was a serious teleplay for an episode, and it just so happened that the producers had all suffered serious head wounds minutes before and said "Man, this is some quality sitcom writing! We HAVE to make this!" and everybody was too embarrassed to confess that it was all a prank, so they added a couple of scenes for Joey and Phoebe and Ross, called it a day, and all headed back to the nudie bar for Appletinis.

    Yeah. Betcha that's what happened.